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  1. idk so many have started and just didn't finish or release it
  2. WHY hello their😂 they look great
  3. not gona lie I'm kinda digging it👍
  4. my custom knuckle head, was supposed to be a real scheem but never happend. still need to do the grill but also how do i fix these shocks?
  5. I'm so glad the the new generation bkts do the same to you, I didn't want to make a post or anything about it cause I thought I was the only one lmao
  6. yea, I never said it was big yellow lmao
  7. You should make it a 77 ford f150 custom;) i ask cause I'm building one irl
  8. their is a pack for goldberg and team meents and it will have the logo
  9. or paint 3d came with my lap top and thats what i use
  10. download gas monkey then repaint
  11. look on rigs or rods .com ( https://www.rigsofrods.org/ ) and go to their respiratory, you'll find those maps their
  12. sorry for blurry-ness imgur does that to my pictures
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