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  1. [TRACK] XL center

    sorry i got dates mixed up.
  2. [TRACK] XL center

    Name: Xl center Venue: small in side arena/ hockey arena Racing Style: drag Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: February 11th and 12th 2010 Images/Graphics: Other details: u can make it all one track , cause the van stack is not out there for racing
  3. [TRUCK] lumber jack

  4. [TRUCK] lumber jack

    are you making it?
  5. [TRUCK] Ramminator

    Name: Raminator 2017 Body: dodge ram Chassis: hand built Paint (images of color/graphics):
  6. Metallica Monster Truck

    good truck but what map is the pictures on?
  7. Black Out V4 Custom Truck (Requested)

  8. Travel Trucks

    hmmm very good idea
  9. Stoner Crusher 2016 v1

    i think the trucks are great. i think u should put a pastrana 199 body on the chassis cause its the same irl
  10. Meents Jam

    i like the part where u stated he got high LMFAO
  11. The Liberator

    dont u make trucks?
  12. Name, world finals xvi commemorative body, regular truck body chassis, it never ran so, any chassis i guess make the tires black . dont have to be bkt just what works for you
  13. World Finals 12 .4

    good for truck testing
  14. [TRUCK] lumber jack

    name lumber jack body mac truck chassis crushstation or custom probably can find better pics
  15. The Liberator

    this would be sick!!!!