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  1. XunlexRods = Back!

    finally thank you xunlex
  2. Grave Digger Red Pickup Monster Truck 2017 (Custom)

    good for a encore
  3. Tacoma 2017

    this comment is very underlined
  4. Bigfoot 14 pack

    Good paint
  5. RoR 0.4.6 Textures

    are the textures included?
  6. How do I convert vehicles?

    try getting a 0.4.5 camper addon from RoR mods
  7. how to make trucks?

    henlo I'm looking on how to do trucks but i dont find the program for it Should i get photoshop or editorizer? (idk how to do trucks in editorizer) To be honest, blender is the good opinion for me, but i have no templates, and i dont know how to make wheels Can someone help me? i want to make a custom mohawk warrior
  8. Can Am X-Team SMRA 2016 (0.4)

    Da tyres looks good, i cant figure out where'd you get them But good truck too how to make trucks tho
  9. Bigfoot 14 pack

  10. Snap On Torque 2016

    great twerk- i mean torque
  11. Blue Thunder (Europe 2016)

    i think it comes from a custom titan truck
  12. POWERTRAX Electric Series (Beta Preview | 0.37-0.39.7)

    didnt have to unzip, still works if zipped
  13. BOX 5 Monster trucks

  14. Grave Digger (Breakable)

    is good man
  15. BackwardsBob

  16. What Truck Will You Try First?

    grave digger 1 (or grave digger grandma)
  17. rigs of rods cars not working

    id choose b
  18. KR8ZY

    im sure its quite a.... "KR8ZY" truck
  19. Bigfoot 14 pack

    this is cool
  20. Hello As a new virtual monster truck driver i want to know how to change the steering speed like some youtubers do. but i just cant figure out what are the settings to it. TheAweeone changed steering speed in some of his videos i think, but i cant find the correct settings --big piggo
  21. V4 Customled max-d breakable

    works but only axles f**kles up
  22. USA Bigfoot

    those, son, are the signs that you respect USA and i do respect USA but tho im fran├žais i still respect USA :^)
  23. USA Bigfoot

    i'm proud of usa and i'm proud of this truck you are great, keep it up soldier :^)
  24. Avenger World Finals 17