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  1. Does anyone have a ford bronco bake?
  2. does anyone have the krazy train logo?
  3. Cx14.Lx79

    Black Hawk

    Version 1.0.0


    Almost nine years ago this truck inserted itself into my head as an idea as custom truck from MJPOD that was created in 10 minutes, and now its evolved from a crappy, thrown together truck to the majestic (not all that majestic) truck you see before you today Credits: Paint & Cloning: me Chassis, body & all props inside the cab(Taken from the syracuse truck pack): PaukenDigger and to anyone I may have missed Not an open custom. You must ask me for permission before using it in any league that allows customs
  4. Decided to revisit a truck I made before I started playing ROR came out pretty good imo
  5. when does this start or has this already started?
  6. hopefully its as good as path of destruction
  7. Name: Christian Lenued Discord:Cx13.lx79#4194 Truck Link: Over Bored Tours: NAMT
  8. I doubt these are actually real, but of they are then I'm really excited for doomsday and what ever the first one is
  9. still learning Before I attempted to clone this truck After I attempted to clone it (I changed the chassis color during cloning) EDIT: cloned the chassis, hood and rims correctly, now I just need to fix the rest of the body
  10. great truck but you posted this in tracks instead of trucks
  11. Hey you know the dodge demons right (full name 2018 dodge challenger SRT DemonĀ ) could you make a body like this I'd really appreciate it

    thanks (had to do it here because it wouldn't let me pm you)

  12. will we be able to alternate bodies?
  13. Big thanks to @monsterjam16' for changing the headers and cloning the chassis, Now I just need to figure out how to clone the body then I can release it!
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