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  1. Texas Monster Shootout 2010.4

    What the heck is the giant meshy twisty thing..
  2. .Mesh into blender?

    I did this a while ago when I made some breakables. Forgot how to import .mesh files into blender. Is there a program that can convert the mesh into an OBJ or some kind of common mesh? I tried 3D Converter, and requires you to pay. However 3D converter offers a few options for free. When I did export the mesh as an OBJ, I opened in blender, and the model did not appear. Any solutions?
  3. Breakable monster trucks

    Ok, I have made a few breakable trucks. I didn't make the trucks themselves, but just made the fiber glass bodies breakable. So far how it works is, when part of the body makes contact with something, it simply falls off. I have made Gas monkey, grave digger, and zombie. Only a few problems. Zombies arms do not fall off, but the rest of the body does. The second problem is that the wheels do not break. If anyone could help me make the wheels breakable, I will release the pack as beta. That's all for now.