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  1. World Finals XIX Discussion

    why doesnt chuck ever actually get a chance
  2. Earth Shaker 2017

  3. Wild Thang 2015

    truck handles great especially for the hairpin turns at world finals tracks
  4. Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing

    when is freestyle coming
  5. Danger Zone 2.0

    hiiighhway to the danger zone
  6. Mtn Dew Kickstart 2k17

    puppy monkey baby puppy monkey baby
  7. Doctor Destruction

    Someone said it right finally
  8. Alien Invasion 2016-2017

    try "g" it works for fired up smra truck so maybe that will work
  9. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    no problem i love that group i check in every day to see whats new on sim monsters or progress on tracks like earth shaker i cant wait for that to come out soon
  10. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    arc monsters yup
  11. World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack

    i saw you post this on facebook
  12. Houston 2004

    can someone convert this
  13. 🔥 Fired Up SMRA 2017 🔥

    how do i use the smoke
  14. Florida Pack .4

    can you convert houston 2004 and world finals 1, 4, and 5
  15. West Labanon 2016 (0.4+ Compatible)

    one tip remove all barriers or at least the one closest to the stands