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  1. That would take too long, plus, almost nobody knows the names of the chassis they are run on FIRE: (Megalodon Fire is run on Axe and Rage, Zombie Fire is run on Hurricane Force (red rims at wf 20), I believe max-d Fire was run on a Wilman chassis, and grave Digger Fire is run on Grave Digger 38) ICE: Dragon Ice: Coty Saucier Monster Energy El Toro Loco Ice: probably the el toro loco chassis or hot wheels firestorm chassis Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice: probably cynthia’s Chassis soldier Fortune Ice: Kayla Blood’s chassis i emphasized almost so that no controversy would rise also Itz_NightmareYT, did you mean all fire and ice (including spinmaster toys) or just the real life fire and ice trucks (including Grave Digger Fire and Soldier Fortune Ice)?
  2. Uh, the only thing he can do is just post pics of all the fire and ice trucks, or just say fire and ice see example below:
  3. Cool, also, did I do the request the right way?
  4. [TRACK]: Orlando, FL Name: Monster Jam World Finals XX Venue: Camping World Stadium Racing Style: Elevated Starting lane, then J-Hook (Vegas Style) Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: May 10 and May 11 2019 Images/Graphics: \/ Showdown/Racing/Two-Wheel-Skill/Fire-Ice Encore: High Jump/Freestyle: Other Details: this was the first ever World finals held outside of Las Vegas, also the first World Finals to have more than 3 competitions (Racing, Showdown, and Freestyle)
  5. i already saw that, im trying to make a mod from scratch.
  6. Hi everybody, i want to make the truck Bear Foot from Phelps Motorsports, but i have no idea how to make a mod? can anyone who has made a mod before help me? i would appreciate the help and will include you in the credits this is what the truck looks like
  7. Truck name: Basher Truck body: 1987 Chevy Silverado Chassis: Don't know, look everywhere. Paint: I don't know what color, I tried everything. Other Details: This truck is a part of team Heavy Hitter, the truck is owned by Derik Anson
  8. I saw Knucklehead when I went to Monster Truck Nationals in Savannah Georgia at Oglethorpe Speedway
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