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  1. actually, the fun run will start next sunday.
  2. Also, I am working on driver profiles like the ones that you see on the big tv at the arenas
  3. HERE IS THE OFFICIAL RACING BRACKET: https://challonge.com/onnmvkl7
  4. We can start at 10:00 AM Today this will be just for fun and not related to fun run, map will be Hawaii nationals freestyle for a mini high jump (I will show you where the high jump will be)
  5. Due to my game glitching too much, qualifying has ended. a bracket has been created already. Be prepared for the official fun run date!
  7. I’m going to time each of our passes, and I will match the bracket from the fastest times up top, to the middle times in middle, and slowest times on bottom.
  8. So, I’m coming home earlier than I thought, and I only have 1 hour, so we will start qualifying at 9:00, also, you can take double duty as GD 36, I can take double duty as Spider-Man, and RORMADNESS can take double duty as El Toro Loco
  9. So I am a little tied up right now. I’m having dinner with fam right now, so it may be awhile before I can arrange the time, I’m gonna estimate probably the earliest would be at either 8:30 tonight, or 10:00 tonight, but qualifying will be done tonight.
  10. (Had to let my iPad charge) It’s fine, I like all of the trucks to have its own drivers, besides, we will be doing 5 stops, adding 2 to the other 4, where it will all come down to World Finals 17 Racing, Two-Wheel Skills, High Jump, and Freestyle
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