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  1. bofos

    Show Your Projects Chapter 64

    could you have made the truck like the portland trail blazers
  2. bofos

    Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Truck

    my mom is proud of you she has cancer
  3. bofos

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    hot wheels,lucas oil crusader and mad scientist are retiring
  4. bofos

    Julian North Carolina 2017 (April)

    where did you find dirt crew
  5. bofos

    Daytona 500 2017 Predictions

    kurt busch
  6. bofos

    Diamond's Fire 2018

    please be clear with your uploads!!!!!!!!!1!!!! not blah blah blah!!!
  7. bofos

    I literally forgot to do this in 2015

    welcome back man
  8. bofos

    World Finals 6

  9. bofos

    Unofficial NASCAR 2018 season thread

    martin truex jr won at kentucy
  10. bofos

    iRacing Screenies

    nice grave digger dude!!!!
  11. bofos

    Carmageddon NAMT

  12. bofos

    Post your Rides.

    my ride for 2018 - 2029
  13. bofos

    NAMT Anaheim, CA 2018

    why no fountain??