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  1. That's because it was displayed on Avenger's wheels Saturday night as shown here. And yes, Avenger had the blue rims on one side and America rims on the other side.
  2. I'm sorry, but this truck is just not good. Try again. Also, the truck runs on either the Mohawk Warrior chassis or the Team Hot Wheels Firestorm chassis.
  3. NightFuryFan

    Hooked 2018

    Whenever I spawn in Hooked 2018, the rear shocks are fine. But when I spawn in another truck and then spawn in Hooked 2018, the rear shocks are upside down. Any way on fix that?
  4. How do you change gears again? Also, I'm pretty sure I use manual.
  5. That would explain why it can't land a backflip.
  6. Is there a reason as to why the link is gone?
  7. Good truck I guess, but the truck's only supposed to have one flag not two.
  8. Decent truck, I guess.
  9. Great truck, but it's not supposed to have any shine.
  10. Who gave you that Max-D 2018?


    Great truck, but one thing I noticed while I was testing it out was that the front shocks seem to pop out of the hood most of the time. And I was wondering if there was a way to fix that, if not then that's ok. Just something worth pointing out.
  11. Alright, will can I still be in the next league? I already gave you my name, truck, truck link, and Discord name.
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