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  1. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Help please

    Well, I was playing rigs of rods and recently I exited out, restarted the computer and put in my xbox controller to it, played rigs of rods for a bit with the controller and then exited, pulled the controller out, later on i went back on, was able to move my character but as soon as I spawned a vehicle, there was no volume from the vehicle, i couldn't get it drive but i could exit and walk around only, so i uninstalled then re install the game, no help at all, I don't know what's going on but i need help. Anyone know how to fix it???
  2. xXDeadPriceXx31


    Amazing looking truck, just wow. Its very stylish and just catches everyone eye once you see it!
  3. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Bearfoot 1997

    Oops,I just got it too work on 0.4, no lie
  4. xXDeadPriceXx31

    2017 Bigfoot RepliCustom pack

  5. xXDeadPriceXx31

    USA Bigfoot

    The truck doesnt work and I saw it on the 0.4 list and I installed it and the wheels are white and the engine also other parts are white,no engine sound either
  6. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Pistolwhipped SMRA 2017

    I downloaded it and it is really messed up, and your file is on the 0.4 list and it dont work, these textures are really agervating me cause there "Missing"
  7. xXDeadPriceXx31

    SMRA Drover V2 (SMRA 0.45)

    The truck file is not there, it says it been removed or not found
  8. xXDeadPriceXx31


    Alright so all people are building and doing conversions to the trucks and I been searching for weeks of how they do it and been finding some videos and its way above my skill level and I don't even KNOW HOW to build nor convert, THERE gotta be a way to do this easier and a way for me to understand how to do it. 90% are all 0.37 and which I been looking to download and NOTHING HAPPENS AS I UNINSTALL THE 0.4! God help me.
  9. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Why are my trucks white?

    There's a few amount of .37 trucks that work for .4 because I been trying out a few of them. Toxic 2016, Grave Digger XX pack from rockgod88 worked for me and a bounty hunter 2005 pack worked also for me, some will work maybe but 90% of them are most likely to fail and appear
  10. xXDeadPriceXx31

    2017 Bigfoot RepliCustom pack

    Its on the 0.4 list and it doesn't work on the game. The tires,brake,engine,steering,battery,wires and dashboard are comepletely white.
  11. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Team Meents Pack v2

    It works on 0.4 but when I did it there no truck sound
  12. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Bearfoot 1997

    Will there ever be a .4 version of Bear Foot
  13. xXDeadPriceXx31

    What Would You Say Is The Most Unique Truck?

    The most unique trucks I see on the internet has to be the all of the monster tanks in the 80s and 90s its very inter sting to see a truck or van body put on military tank chassis.
  14. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Mr. Destruction

    I just tried it and it works absolutely perfect in 0.4
  15. xXDeadPriceXx31

    Lightspeed 2016

    I wonder what that map is