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  1. Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Haley Gauley has been added to the stadium tour line up in Scooby-Doo. Never heard of her before, wonder where she came from.
  2. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    I just got home from my Vegas to Toronto red-eye flight. I might have gotten an hour of sleep, there was lots of turbulence all the way home. Anyway. The vegas show was incredible. I'm still in disbelief at how crazy it was. The racing both nights was so intense. I've never seen a monster truck show close to that caliber, and for my first WF show I think i got pretty lucky. Like someone else said the energy at the show is just awesome. Everyone around you is just so friendly and talkative. Each time something cool happens its like a whole new party. Would I go and do the Double Down all over again? Hell yeah. I'm going back for sure. I'll have pics ready later on today.
  3. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    Great, thanks guys! I can't lie I'm really stoked for the event. First World Finals show for me, and I'm treating my dad to the whole trip. When I first planned on going my friends were down but then couldn't afford it when it was time to get the tickets. So for my dad's birthday I'm treating him to the show and six days in Vegas. Him and I have been going to see monster trucks for over 2 decades now, so it will be quite the experience for us both.
  4. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    2 questions for those who have been to the world finals before or may know... For Double Down ticket holders, is the qualifying on Thursday as well/do we have access to see it? How thoroughly do they check bags? I'm going to try and sneak one of my good lenses in. In the past at my hometown show I just put in in the bottom of my backpack in it's case, and put a sweater on top, I tell them it's just my water bottle and ear protection. If security isn't anal about going through backpacks I should be ok.
  5. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    So I just looked at the Monster Jam website, and saw that Cole Venard is now back on the World Finals competitors list. As far as I can tell the Driver Update news article about Randy Brown replacing him is gone as well. So, looks like Cole is back for the WF? No updates to the Triple Threat series line-up though. EDIT: Looks like they changed the website AGAIN, Randy Brown is back on the line-up.
  6. World Finals XVIII Discussion

    I would have loved to have seen Garner, Pagliarulo, and Rummell all make it into the main field. I'll admit I am a little biased in that I think they too are deserving of a spot, but if at least one of those guys gets a Double Down invite I'll be more than happy. I for sure see the three of them being World Finals competitors in the future though, all of them have top equipment and can run with the best of them. However, it's an amazing line-up regardless.
  7. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    As far as tracks go, they really seem to hit their 'peak' from around 2010 - 2014. There were some great tracks, each show was different - not entirely, but enough to change things up at each show - and some amazing freestyles. Some of the obstacles were bigger, there were doubles to clear, and if I remember correctly not many injuries. Now I know this is an extreme example, but looking at this compared to 2017 it is almost night and day. Hopefully this is a bit of a blip in Monster Jam. All this being said, I have to give HUGE props to the independent teams this year. All of them are putting on really good runs and awesome moments. It's great seeing privately funded teams do what they do each weekend. That to me has been what is making this year really great to watch. It seems like more of them are pushing the edge more so than other years. Just one man's opinion.....
  8. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Well it wouldn’t be a typical Monster Jam weekend in Toronto without lots of mechanical issues. For some reason we tend to get bad luck up here. Now I get it happens. Not the driver’s fault, nor the mechanic’s, nor Monster Jam’s. However in comparison to all the big stadium shows down in the states, all I can say is you guys have it so freaking lucky. The shows up here just don’t quite compare. Yet it was still a great weekend. Both shows were really good and I would say Saturday was a little better of the two. I was most impressed by Matt in Jester and Jamey in Over Bored. Garner probably had the biggest air of the weekend. Matt for sure had the biggest leap Sunday. I was bummed about Overkill Evolution. I was super excited to see Mike drive, but both days had mechanical issues. Sunday took him out of the whole show except for one wheelie. However, I get it. Mechanical things happen. I’ll be rooting for Mike for sure in Vegas. Monster Jam needs to get their s#!% together. So many flat tires from those awful tires, rushed show, no side acts. But what bugged me the most was Coty was shut off and taken off the track for a flat tire. Not sure if there was any other issues but after the flat happened, they shut him off instantly and didn’t let him re-fire even though he was showing signs he wanted to. Now, with that being said, even though it sounds like I’m complaining I’m just playing devil’s advocate. I had a blast. Purely because my girlfriend was there with me for both shows. She hasn’t seen a monster truck show since Grave Digger and Bigfoot competed together and she had an utter blast. Her excitement in seeing everything happen gave me a new perspective on the show. Even the simple jumps are kind of cool. Just seeing these things move around is kind of awesome. Both of us are excited for Vegas. This turned into an essay. Whoops.
  9. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Blah track aside in Toronto, Saturday night was pretty damn good. Great racing, Coty is an utter mad man. I cannot wait to see what he will be doing in the coming years. Freestyle was way better than I expected, Becky McDonough won freestyle with solid momentum, some good jumps with one big one, and a slap wheelie into one wheel then using the breaks to save it (nothing too insane but sweet non the less). Garner in Over Bored was amazing. Huge jumps and great momentum. His truck sounds sex to to the ears. Mike Vaters was really getting going when his rear steer totally konked out on him less than half way in. Carl pulled off a super clean, beautiful backflip. Didn't do much else aside from a decent jump or two since he lost rear steer early on. Ryan did a typical Ryan freestyle but back-flopped at the end. Tomorrow looks to be pretty good, just about every truck needs work though. Im excited to see what they will be able to pull off tomorrow. I'd do a better synopsis but I'm running off of 2 hours of sleep and have tomorrow show to go to. Had a great night but holy balls did that show ever feel rushed to the max. Feels even more rushed than past years.
  10. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Toronto's track feels.... very empty. So much wasted space compared to past years. "Yeah let's just cram dirt ramps right in the middle....
  11. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Track construction in Toronto!
  12. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Even though I am disappointed about likely not seeing Dennis in Toronto, all I want right now is for him to rest and recover until he is back to his 100%. MJ put the Vancouver dates up today as well, not sure how the fans over there will feel with it turning into a 4 show weekend at a much smaller venue. Huge change from past years.
  13. Purely stating my opinion. You're welcome to take it however you want.
  14. I've come to terms with the tracks being the way they are now along with the fact it seems they will be staying around for a little longer. Things are by no means perfect, but the same could be said about other era's of monster trucks and monster jam. My first show was 1992 and the number of changes compared to today is insane. Yes, there was something really cool about a truck jumping or even just going over a big ramp, hill, pyramid etc. Yet the show's are still really fun to watch especially with independent teams starting to push things harder than ever. My main complaint right now is those ridiculous inflatable starting gates. They are such an eye sore, and for a lot of people in the stadium majorly obstruct the view. Take those away, and for the sake of this argument reduce the angle of the obstacles a little so they aren't quite as steep, and I'll pretty much be completely content about modern day monster jam.
  15. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K17 Thread

    Anyone else have a crazy price increase this year? Standard Level/Tier 1 tickets have gone up over $25 here in Toronto. Levels 2 and 3 have gone up a little but not as much (tickets just a month ago were $85, now their $90?!?!?!). Feld BETTER be doing something good this year seeing as last year was sub-par, and Cam in Northern Nightmare isn't coming up this year (beyond me why Feld things not having that truck up here for the stadium show is beyond me).