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  1. maxhie_mj_04

    Metlife Stadium Custom 2018

    Oh my gosh thank you so much it's been a while since a track was released, especially a good one like this!
  2. maxhie_mj_04


    When are we ever going to get a new track?????
  3. maxhie_mj_04

    Skoal Bandit & Crusher 2018 Customs

    So did everybody stop making tracks or what?
  4. maxhie_mj_04

    Hotline Miami V2

    Like the truck but on .4.7 on the regular Feld version, the BKT stickers don't show up.
  5. maxhie_mj_04


    Love everything about it! Reminds me of the Beamng Drive trucks
  6. maxhie_mj_04

    Fuel Injection 3

    Love everything about this truck, but it would be better if it was on BKT's or Firestone's
  7. maxhie_mj_04

    New Orleans 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    It is now
  8. maxhie_mj_04

    SMRA Finale (Denver, Co) Mile High Stadium

    Will somebody please covert it to .4? Thanks
  9. maxhie_mj_04

    Foxborough Monster Cross 2018

    A lot of fun but very challenging to get a truck to spawn. When you load in the game and you try to spawn a truck in, the ground is way taller than the guy, and it's hard to get a truck on top of the dirt. Other than that a lot fun.
  10. maxhie_mj_04

    Scooby Doo 2018 (Gordon) UPDATE

    Pretty good, but no BKT's and old Monster Jam logo on truck. Otherwise good truck.
  11. maxhie_mj_04

    Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    LOVE IT!!!! Best arena track out there right now!
  12. maxhie_mj_04

    Naples 2014.4

    Love your tracks and conversions. Could you please convert rockcrawler or what ever his name is World Finals 13 for .4? Thank you. All .4 conversions cannot "Find" the file when you click on it on Sim Monsters or Media Fire.
  13. maxhie_mj_04

    Pennsylvania 2015 Custom.

    Not my style
  14. maxhie_mj_04

    Pennsylvania 2015 Custom.

    Nicely built but gets boring pretty quick. Nice job by everybody it just isn't my style. So if you love car-only shows with no dirt ramps this is for you. 3 stars from me
  15. maxhie_mj_04

    Grave Digger 7 pack v3

    Hey can you please make a World Finals 13 for .4 that works? Thanks!