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  1. Jakeb

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    noooooo it's a rock band
  2. Jakeb

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    oooooof. Aerosmith was my favorite when I was like 7... saw them in concert... OwO
  3. Jakeb

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    10.) Bring Me The Horizon 9.) Avenged Sevenfold 8.) Black Veil Brides 7.) Pierce The Veil 6.) Paramore 5.) Panic! At The Disco 4.) Falling In Reverse 3.) Three Days Grace 2.) Fall Out Boy 1.) All Time Low most of these are pop punk but still...
  4. Jakeb

    New Orleans Custom 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    thats hawt
  5. Jakeb

    New Orleans Custom 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    not 0.4 compatible. just be patient im sure someone will convert it. great track once again!
  6. Jakeb

    Fuel Injection 3

    posted in 0.4 content...
  7. Jakeb

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    looks AWESOME!!!
  8. Jakeb

    Earth Shaker 2017

  9. Jakeb

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    that's hot
  10. Jakeb

    New Orleans 2018 (.4 Compatible)

    now it works! g8 trk m8. but the floor is messed up real bad
  11. g8 video m8. also, earth shaker is super hawt. 

    looks noice, can't wait

  12. Jakeb

    Show Your Project Chapter 61

    smexy on all kinds of levels
  13. Jakeb

    2017 Brutus (Allen)

    awesome truck, but the breakable showed up with white textures. Other than that noice.
  14. Jakeb

    Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing

    Awesome!!! The detail is amazing! I get 70 fps on a laptop! Also, just in general, Avenger should have won freestyle, i mean yes, Lee did do a front flip but i felt his run was lacking wow factor, Koehler had HUGE air, an amazing backflip, and overall great flow. ALSO also, the judges screwed Tristan England over HARD. he did quite well, he shut down but the judges apparently counted the shut downs (that he can't control) against him. Anyway AWESOME JOB! 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10
  15. Jakeb

    Zombie 2018

    don't know, i googled it and all it said was "PEI"