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  1. RORMJTV12

    Fun run

    fun run @newOrleans please join the discord if u want to compete https://discord.gg/cFQt5jU the time 5:30 pm raceing 2 wheels and freestyle when TONIGHT!! also this will be live streamed please make your truck 2017 or 2018 please Jake Cranford-earth shaker Jetfighter73-over board gavin hill-Great clips 2018 Ryanlacross aka josh-wild flower BradKerlin-mutant Agolf-pirates curse rummel wave-Gas Monkey Garage
  2. RORMJTV12

    Monster jam triple threat event!

    on my channel bud (;
  3. as you all may know or may not know i have been doing this series for about of month now along side with the comentator Eight Bit (Josh Lee) its been one heck of a experince with this guy now we only have a couple events left in the season and will be live streaming tomrrow night so please come out and show your support and have fun and enjoy some monster jam and hope to see you all here josh will go live with the preshow happening @6:30 along with driver inter views a few mins after the pre show as well the actually event will start at 7pm! now who is ready for monster jam the link to my you tube channel for the stream!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHsZ4gLAtGLw0UFSoGKIzQ
  4. RORMJTV12

    Realistic Monster Jam Event Livestream TODAY!!

    ill take blackperal
  5. RORMJTV12

    track request

    u want me to re edit that
  6. RORMJTV12

    track request

  7. RORMJTV12

    Birmingham Triple Threat 2018

    try to lower your qualty to see if that helps
  8. RORMJTV12

    track request

    oakland 2017 and miami 2017
  9. none of my sounds work on trucks when i try to change them and also even before i tryed to change them does any one know how to fix the issue?
  10. RORMJTV12

    Fun run

  11. RORMJTV12

    Fun run

    i think im going to have to move it because adam has to work
  12. RORMJTV12

    Fun run

    your in just join the discord
  13. RORMJTV12

    Fun run

    if i where you because i cant get 37 to work for me
  14. RORMJTV12

    Fun run

    both but i normaly play on .39 its fine i would use .4 for the fun run
  15. RORMJTV12

    Fun run

    Hello guys i want to stream my first ever fun run on my channel! now i have made a discord for any who wants to compete! now i will make a doc for the rules now i know u all probably know how to sign up! the event will be held next thursday 5:00pm! Now i will also right down the rules everyone has to follow in the doc their will be raceing 2 wheels and freestyle now enough talking hope to see everyone their! Name:jake Cranford Truck:Blue monster energy i will provide the comentators with the truck! Track: Anaheim west 2017 Discordlink:https://discord.gg/RGva2Xm My youtube channel link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvx_95J2lU8gpwiISFOMcSw