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  1. NtheDiggerfan

    Post your RC pics

    Oh lol. I was looking to get one of those. He has INCREDIBLE decals on there.
  2. NtheDiggerfan

    The decline of motorsports

    @CarCrusher, it was said in this thread, but whatever. Long story short I just found it revolting.
  3. NtheDiggerfan

    The decline of motorsports

    Okay. I agree with everything but this made me sick. Painful to sit through a woman doing the same thing a man can and kick butt while doing it? I smell bitterness or jealousy. That's not PC-ness... That's human decency. Unless you still believe women need to cook and clean and let the "Men" do the "Hard work"? Because let me remind you, that "Zombie Chick" Bench Presses/Dead Lifts 100+ Pounds (As seen on social media), rides dirt bikes, and could kick your a** any day. It's just sickening to see people do this to the concept of Female equality. The overload of testosterone prevents most from seeing the fact that women do the majority of things better than men... Let's not forget, a woman has won 2 World Championships and openly spoken about how she whopped the boys' a**. Most of us men are the real sissies, not the women. Just because you're a "certain age" (There's a specific age group here i'm referring to that seems to think that everything in the world is terrible and still holds 1800's style values) doesn't mean you can portray this much of a lack of human decency. I know it was stated it had "nothing to do with female empowerment", yes it is, and you know it. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with both parents working. I was raised with both parents at work, and have STRONG familial values, as do most other families. Why not have the man stay home and implement the "strong familial values" if they're so superior? I'm just revolted. Also, "Unfortunately, I won’t die soon unless I’m lucky enough to get cancer or die in an accident. I’m serious. I truly do not wish to live in this world" is mortifying to read. You've been gifted with the most beautiful thing, life, and this is what you do? Are you kidding me? Way to be an ungrateful piece of crap. You know how many people die, are dying, or are having a family member die at any age because of a multitude of factors, who would give anything to have the gift of life re-gifted to them? It's quite honestly nauseating that someone would be this much of an ungrateful brat to wholeheartedly wish that they'd die. That's just disrespect. It's not okay, and quite honestly revolting and disgusting. This is without a doubt the most stomach-churning thing I've read on this site. I find it quite ironic that people from this crowd claim "The new generations are ruining the world and spreading hate" while the real ones poisoning our society and and spreading hate are quite the opposite.
  4. Well, as tradition goes, with the first competitor comes the start of the new thread. Congrats to Tristan!
  5. NtheDiggerfan

    Post your RC pics

    Where did those MEGA SEXY digger bodies come from josh?
  6. NtheDiggerfan

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    I've worked in customer service for 5 years and have never once thought to take out my emotions for that day on a customer, especially a younger one. Anyone with any sort of conscience wouldn't, especially a child asking for a picture and an autograph. That makes you a certified douche. In Damon's case, a major part of his job is meeting kids and being their hero. If you wanna be a douche, don't work for monster jam. There are little kids, like that 12 year old me, who saw him as an inspiration, until I was rudely treated many times. Any other motorsport can be that way, just not Monster Jam, seen as one of Feld's biggest marketing ploys is the "unmatched fan-driver interaction". Damon just acted like an A-Hole to me, and countless others who share the opinion. It's wrong to treat an adult fan like that, much less a CHILD...
  7. NtheDiggerfan

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Damon gave bad vibes after he switched from AFA to Monster. I mean he seems full of himself. He told me to "get out of his line" after i asked him a question one year, and went through an entire interaction saying nothing another year. One time he declined taking a pic. Also, not to mention him calling Scott Beautow a very dirrogatory term, and trash talking Dennis' racing ability in a post race inelterview, a big no no. Heavy D is way worse. He said Adam Anderson walks "like a wobbly deer", and is always bragging, telling an opponent who simply commented "good job" that "you can visit my trophy any time", among other insults and things that simply shouldnt be said or done. He once said his favorite part of the pit party was the "babes" in line... He needs to grow up and realize he isn't a 5 year old anymore...
  8. NtheDiggerfan

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Heavy D is the most overrated driver in Monster Jam. Everyone is jumping on his bandwagon because of his show. Dude's full of himself too. He's quite possibly the rudest driver since Damon Bradshaw's years in Monster Energy. Not to mention, he's not even that good...
  9. NtheDiggerfan

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    Me? Idk lol. I love to talk crap until I pay up the butt $500 per person to see the World Finals...
  10. NtheDiggerfan

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    I have been looking at feld in a lot brighter of a light recently, so this will be both a positive and negative rant. I was at the event and talked to Jim after. He wasn't happy. The problem with BKT's are that they have hardly ANY tread at ALL. This leaves the smooth part of the tire sort of exposed to anything. If they still ran, say Goodyears or Ukraines, they have a lot of tread height and profile, protecting the tire a little more than the BKT's. But, if saying "BKT tire" and "Great Clips Mohawk Warrior" pay the bills to keep the sport alive, I guess its ok. I don't support the idea of no free standing cars, as even when the cars are semi flattened by the time Digger or Max D get to hit them, they're still cool as hell to see get run over. I did agree placing them ON the jumps would be cool, but Feld is just going to bury them halfway in the dirt and crush them partially. I think it's a cost effect thing for them, and I understand, as they are a business. However, let's call it like it is and not make excuses. This was more monetarily driven than by "safety concerns". Cars are getting more and more expensive, and while plastic isnt ideal, I would much rather see a half flattened plastic car at the end of the night than none at all, and I certainly dont like the idea of BKT tire turning posts. They're much bulkier and tougher, and I see problems with trucks flipping or becoming heavily damaged if they hit them. A car is a lot more forgiving than a 600 pound tire filled with dirt when being hit sometimes around 30 MPH coming into that turn. And while I know some say "oh now they're meant to jump dirt now things change yada yada yada", you cant take car crushing out of Monster Trucks. You'd have to be stupid to envision a monster truck show without a single crush car. It's the backbone of the sport. Yeah, I want backflips, air and all that, but give us at least a car or something, ANYTHING. You cant progress without acknowledging your past, whether good or bad. What do you think originally drew crowds to this idea? Bob Chandler was running a big truck over tiny cars and everyone had to see it. Dennis Anderson took an old farm truck through the mud and over cars and took the world by storm. You can't write them out of the sport just by saying "it's evolved from that", because, the first thing that comes to about 95% of the population's mind when they think about Monster Trucks is them running over cars. That's what they were made to do and made famous by. While yes, we have evolved, you simply just cant throw out that integral piece of the puzzle. It's honestly a hard situation that deeply saddens me, and many others. I'm very thankful to have been able to see this before it becomes a thing of the past, another marker in the graveyard of things struck to the ground by Feld "Entertainment", and the industry as a whole.
  11. NtheDiggerfan


  12. NtheDiggerfan

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Sign-Ups (Open)

  13. NtheDiggerfan

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Announcment!

    Absolutely not! Go ahead!
  14. NtheDiggerfan

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread