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  1. NtheDiggerfan

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Yeah im no where near good enough for a replica, it was kind of just a fun replicustom.
  2. NtheDiggerfan

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Just a quick update. Never laid this one to rest. I've been working on it a lot over the past few months (yes, still working on the matte paint for the Max D), including swapping chassis AND bodies, so here you go. Hartsock's (Gun)Slinger for 2018. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress, I still have to add the Gunslinger4x4.com logo and Scott's name above the drivers' side window. Don't know if anyone really cares to have this released, but if y'all like it i might, so drop an upvote if you want to see it. (Also, yeah i know it's not 100% accurate. Shocks, chassis, and body are different, but I felt that this combo looks and drives the best. I'm not really experienced on truck building, so this was just a fun personal thing that I wanted to put together for myself, but thought it looked good enough to showcase here. Again, if you want to see it, upvote, and tell me what you want to see on this truck! Thanks.)
  3. NtheDiggerfan

    Adding trucks to the game

    Hi Dman and welcome to the Sim-Monsters! There's a few things you need to check out to make sure they will show up. Are the trucks additions to the smV4 pack? Is it standalone? Is it for the version you are using? Check to make sure everything matches up. If you have any questions just ask. Good Luck!
  4. NtheDiggerfan

    Favorite Metal/Rock bands?

    Literally none of you have mentioned Aerosmith. Sad. They're my favorite. Others include Metallica, Ac/Dc Linkin Park Disturbed Black Sabbath Guns N Roses
  5. NtheDiggerfan

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    Howdy Folks. I put up images of a WIP a few weeks ago, and i'm proud to say I've heeded your advice and improved upon this project immensely. I've repainted it, removed the specs, fixed the rims, and made other thorough improvements, including making the truck run zoomies rather than headers (or #fartcans). This might be released, IDK yet. If you want, drop an upvote and ill think about it. It would include a brakable version, a stunt version, and a normal racer version if released. I am aiming for 100% replica here so if you have any constructive criticism, please share. Thanks!
  6. NtheDiggerfan

    Hotline Miami V2

    It's not the only part of my setup. I have two setups. Also, PM me if you've got an issue you dont want to say.
  7. NtheDiggerfan

    Hotline Miami V2

    I actually run a Processor Intel Core i5-8400 which runs my total setup for $4,000 and 3.8 GHz for a processor speed. soooooooo....
  8. NtheDiggerfan

    Hotline Miami V2

    Really Laggy
  9. NtheDiggerfan

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    @fernBurn Thanks dude
  10. NtheDiggerfan Grave Digger NtheDiggerfan#6366
  11. NtheDiggerfan

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    @ChaoticMayhem This HAS to be released! So Cool! Maybe put it on @rockgod88's Mark List El Toro too.
  12. NtheDiggerfan

    Sunday 4/1/18 New Orleans 2018 April Fools Bash

    Nate Wilson Grave Digger NtheDiggerfan#6366
  13. NtheDiggerfan

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    https://imgur.com/a/eyInk Hey Everyone! New project. I feel like this is my most realistic to date. I only need the tailgate. Constructive criticism, as always, is appreciated. Also, if you are willing to do the tailgate, let me know.
  14. NtheDiggerfan

    [TRACK] World Finals 19 Racing

    I would enjoy a freestyle version too
  15. NtheDiggerfan

    Truck Used to carry Max-D for encore.

    No I mean like an actual dump truck i can put the max d ON.