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  1. this is an older Woodc o c k style chassis
  2. Name: Damian Bowers Truck: Thor Link: Discord: i would think you have it by now
  3. glad to see you making your way back into the fray buddy, i also heard it was the owners birthday so
  4. Welcome to the site fellow old fart, also welcome to you local dumpster fire
  5. welcome back to another old guard member
  6. loving the way your Monster Truck Throwdown tracks are turning out, and was wondering if i could get your help on some projects, of a more old school variety

  7. also go to about 3:44, its black and white but they are talking to Tom behind the truck and you can see it clearly
  8. i am personnally excited to see where this heads, if i can be of any help Kozak just let me know
  9. ah brings back memories of cifpo, and my server emptying air dog
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