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  1. ARF

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Are you serious? Why do they have a count down until the start of qualifying that says it starts at 6:30 on the side then?
  2. ARF

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    What is Monster Jam Network? why are they advertising it by saying "coming in 2018" when it's already 2018? Are they going to start doing live events on this Monster Jam Network? or are they just getting my hopes up, so they can crush them later when it winds up being something stupid? I guess this might not be directly related to the world finals but I'm putting this in this thread because I saw the Monster Jam Network logo for the first time just now, while I was waiting for this supposed live video coverage of qualifying to start.
  3. ARF

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    Then let him drive Black Smith just for the WF or spread the talent out better so 5 of the 10 best drivers in Monster Jam aren't Grave Digger drivers
  4. ARF

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    The last spot is going to be Cam no matter how the points end up. Pablo getting left out year after year is getting old. He's a better driver and has had a better season than 1/2 the people in the field. Plus he's a former world champion, which evidently guarantees you a spot unless your name is Pablo. Did Pablo kick Mr. Feld's dog or something? Why do they hate him so much? #FreePablo2018
  5. ARF

    World Finals XVIII Discussion

    If Koehler wins this, or even if he makes the final four, I'm going to lose my mind.
  6. ARF

    World Finals XVIII Discussion

    I don't see Earth Shaker's qualifying time listed anywhere on the Monster Jam website. What was it?
  7. ARF

    World Finals XVIII Discussion

    I apologize if this has been reported already, but Dennis is obviously unhappy that Pablo did not make the field for this year's World Finals. He posted a picture of Pablo with this caption on Instagram: I just wanted to take a minute to thank this guy right here and his wife..pablo and tina huffaker for 35 years of helping me keep gravedigger going..even though some people dont appreciate you i most certainly do! You have always gone above and beyond to make gravedigger what is it! I wont forget where WE started and what you have done for gravedigger. Its a shame you are not invited to celebrate our 35th anniversary of grave digger together. You deserve to be there and it wont be complete with out you. I love you guys we are family! #somethingsjustaintright #gravedigger#teamdigger I'm glad Dennis is speaking up here. Pablo should not have been left out.
  8. ARF

    World Finals XVIII Discussion

    Here's my final 9. This is not really a prediction, it's more of what I'm hoping will happen. I chose based on how each driver performed this season. 1. Randy Brown - Won an arena tour 2. Pablo Huffaker - Won an arena tour 3. Gary Porter - Won an arena tour 4. Lee O'Donnell - Finished 2nd in stadium tour 4 5. C. Eichelberger - Finished 3rd in the East tour after joining late 6. Chuck Werner - Finished 4th against tough competition in the East tour 7. Carl Van Horn - Finished 3rd in stadium tour 3. If McDonough makes it, then how can he not? He finished ahead of her. 8. Colt Stephens - Finished 5th in the West tour, which was probably the strongest tour this season 9. Becky McDonough - Finished 4th in stadium tour 3. If guys who won their tours don't get invites, then what is the point of keeping track of points for those tours? The points just expose how unfair World Finals selection is. We all already knew it was unfair, but this makes it tangible. To me, leaving out Brown, Huffaker or Porter would be ludicrous. Of course I won't be surprised if they are left out, but that doesn't make it any less nonsensical.
  9. ARF

    World Finals XVIII Discussion

    He's getting old. It just happens sometimes. On the topic of Buyten making the field: Even if Monster Jam needed to put Metal Mulisha in, why not put one of the Grave Digger drivers in it? Pablo Huffaker and Randy Brown both won their tours this year so I think they definitely deserve an invite. This would be a perfect chance to get them in the field without driving up the number of Grave Diggers in the show. They already put Pauken in Monster Mutt, one of those two should be in Metal Mulisha.
  10. ARF

    What kind of freestyler are you?

    I'm the type of freestyler that closes their eyes and mashes the gas until I flip or break, then I get out of my truck and scream incoherent nonsense. The Madusa of Rigs of Rods, if you will.
  11. ARF

    World Finals XVII Discussion

    He was driving Doom's Day?
  12. ARF

    World Finals XVII Discussion

    My thoughts: The track played out pretty much the way I thought it would, and I've stated my feelings on that already so I'll just say this: the drivers should be competing with each other, not with the track. There were still some good runs though, despite the track. I thought Damon's was the best, Adam just didn't do enough in bonus to get the win, in my opinion. Dennis and Ryan also had great runs. It was cool to see the old man put together a run that warranted the reaction "holy s***," for the first time in a long time. In the future I think it would be good for Monster Jam to move to 20 judges (10 pro, 10 fans) with each giving a score 1-10 for a total regulation score out of 200 points. They can have 10 more judges score bonus 1-5 for a total possible score of 250. The more judges there are, the more likely they are to get it right (that's been mathematically proven). And I think we can all agree that getting it right is what's most important, even if it breaks the tradition of having the scores be out of 35 or 45. That being said, while Adam didn't have the best run last night I do think he was pretty deserving of a Freestyle championship based on his performances all season. Also, interesting to note that back in the day (~2005-2012), when Dennis and Tom were the best in Monster Jam, they very rarely came up big in the World Finals freestyle. However, the 3 best right now, Damon, Ryan, and Adam (imo) seem to put together runs that compete for a championship every year. What does this mean to me? It's going to be very difficult to win a freestyle championship in the near (and possibly distant) future if you're name isn't Adam, Ryan or Damon.
  13. ARF

    World Finals XVII Discussion

    Casey Graves
  14. ARF

    World Finals XVII Discussion

    Here's the complete bracket in case anyone wanted it. Congratulations to Morgan, great night for him.
  15. ARF

    World Finals XVII Discussion

    Even if I don't know exactly what the track will look like, I have a pretty good idea. The freestyle tracks in 2014 and 2015 were very different, but every track for the last 2 years (World Finals or not) has been the same thing. The ramps are too steep. I guess I had hoped Monster Jam would come up with something new for the World Finals after using the same track all season (like they did back in 2007). But, If you look at the freestyle ramps that are already there, you can tell they're going to go with the really steep ramps, yet again.