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    I play games a lot. It's even better playing multiplayer, feel free to join me!

    iRacing: Ben Hogan
    Steam ID: MJKProductions (ArmA 2 DayZ + TLR, ArmA 3, DiRT3)
    Origin Name: MJKProductions (BF3, SimCity, MOH:WF)
    Xbox Gamertag: monsterjamkid2 (GTA4, BF3, FM4)
    AIM: monsterjamkid98
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  1. EVGA GTX 760 2GB 1 year iRacing subscription Steam credits
  2. I've never had any problems with Mediafire, other sites etc etc. I download many, many files. I have no virus protection and my firewall is completely disabled. All it takes is a hint of logical thinking to know what to click and what not to click. If you're getting viruses you're doing something wrong. If you get Adblock Pro (Chrome and Firefox extension) you'll never see an ad/pop-up again. Including YouTube ads.
  3. Yeah, find the ingame store in BF3 and try downloading it from there.
  4. No, just trying to help out some others that don't know about it. I found out about it on a different forum and figured I'd share it here. There's a few videos of popular YouTubers talking about it if you don't believe the legitimacy.
  5. Just read about an incredible deal, thought I'd share it here. Origin/EA is holding a deal where you pay whatever you want for a few AAA games, consisting of Dead Space, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space 3, and Medal of Honor all for a minimum donation of one dollar. Yep, $1 for all six. If you pay 'above average', which is currently at $4.81, you get Battlefield 3 and Sims 3 as well. Remember this is for charity though, EA is earning almost nothing, if you have the money please throw in a couple extra bucks to help those less fortunate. www.humblebundle.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HGpyxmAL0w
  6. I need to earn money somehow! I just blew all my money on NASCAR tickets without thinking, and then I notice 'wait... GTAV is almost out! I have no money!' Time to get busy lol.
  7. Welcome! What's your name? I'd like to race with you in iRacing
  8. Just wondering, do you watch it on mute? The commentator is the most annoying person I've ever heard in my life.
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