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  1. JRobson


    I like iRacing, its a great Sim and the accuracy of the physics and models of the mods are the best in gaming. But NR2003 is and always will be my favorite Sim Racing game. Maybe down the line we can all do a iRacing league deal but I would just like to get back into NR2003. Like I said, watching all the old races and fun runs we use to have made me want to get back into it. I mean its not like the game is outdated. Compared to iRacing maybe but its still a very good game and with the new mods that were just released we can still have just as much fun racing NR2003 as we would iRacing. I didn't realize this would turn into an argument lol. All I wanted to do was gauge interest on possibly reviving DSR so a bunch of us Monster Truck guys can have some fun. From Day 1 with this DSR deal we had alot of fun racing. Weather it was a fun race or a league race it was probably the most fun I ever had in NR2003. At least up until I mixed the MTM2 community with the NR2003 community lol. BTW Tandem racing was possible me and RKM did it plenty of times lol. We didn't have a huge advantage while doing it but I can remember countless races we would go from dead last to the lead in half a lap by tandem drafting. With the right drivers it certainly was/is possible in NR2003. I know we will definitely run the new BRGen6 mod, we could run Cup Physics but I always found that CTS Physics had way better racing on every type of track. Superspeedway Races with CTS physics and a good setup made for some of the best racing we had in DSR. Even on Speedways and Short Tracks we had some fantastic races. Maybe we can all take a vote on some options like Fixed or Open Setups, which Physics to run, type of Points System to choose and of course a good schedule for us to run. It sounds like we have some interests so we can possibly open up signups and such soon. What I don't want to happen is have 15-20 people sign up to race and only 5 people show up. I realize not everyone would be able to make every race but if we can at least average 8 people per race I will be happy with that. Any who feel free to post some DSR vids if anyone finds them on youtube. Its fun to watch all the fun racing we did!
  2. JRobson


    I do have iRacing. Some people still enjoy NR2003 though. I wouldn't want someone who raced with us at DSR have to buy iRacing just to be able to race with us. There is still quite a big community for NR2003 BTW. Gen6 mod looks fantastic so if we do come up with something we will be racing that thing for sure!
  3. JRobson


    We'd probably run the same days we ran a few years back. Saturday nights or late Sundays. Whenever is best for everyone!
  4. JRobson


    Howdyy! Been a while since I have done anything PC gaming related but I plan on getting my computer all fixed up this week and possibly rejoining the ROR/NR2003/iRacing fray. Me and Ryan are watching quite a few of our old DSR League Races that a bunch of us ole MTM2 racers created and I just remember how much fun we use to have. Alot of raging but usually alot of fun and good racing haha. I'm not sure how many people still race NR2003 around here but I figure we can at least get the core group back and go from there if they're is any interest. I think this time if we do come up with anything I will keep it to ROR/MTM2 guys in the league LOL. Did not mix well back then! Anyways its nothing that would come up right now or anything, maybe within a couple months but I would just like to see if anyone would even be interested first off. I'm going to post a few old DSR videos for the heck of it so people can see how much fun we use to have. And how dumb some of it was at the same time LOL. I just got AIM back if anyone wants to hit me up. Still getting use to everything again lol. Just put in my email or my full name and it should show up. If not tell me and I'll figure it out. I'm signed in through Facebook lol. Jordan_Robson16@yahoo.com/Jordan Robson
  5. Post pictures of some of these. And yes GMB went down a few months ago, its a shame too. Great place
  6. Not bad not bad.. Nice collection! I like mine too. I even have a few 48 cars! kahnerockwell by JRobson9, on Flickr ruracollection1 by JRobson9, on Flickr ruracollection by JRobson9, on Flickr ruracollection2 by JRobson9, on Flickr gordon24 by JRobson9, on Flickr earnhardt98 (6) by JRobson9, on Flickr rccadalejr01 (1) by JRobson9, on Flickr Now kids make sure you drink your protein and not take pictures of your collection on a dirty kitchen table.. These two are pretty special to me, a guy sent these to me for not a dime. One is a special prototype that was sent out to a very FEW Time Warner bros employees. ruracollection3 by JRobson9, on Flickr ruracollection4 by JRobson9, on Flickr And these two were bought for 6 bucks in an Auction, great deal imo. taxi35 by JRobson9, on Flickr It doesn't look great but it was one of Revells first productions, has it own contig stickers you can put on, it does have a hood that opens too lol kypettycar by JRobson9, on Flickr Few more pictures of my Kahne collection and Jerry Nadeau collection. 9mopar by JRobson9, on Flickr 25n by JRobson9, on Flickr These are for Ryan The Bristol 50th win car is one of my favorites in my collection 18combos2 by JRobson9, on Flickr 18combos by JRobson9, on Flickr 18k by JRobson9, on Flickr Few more Earnhardt cars; 3dalejr1 by JRobson9, on Flickr 3dalejr by JRobson9, on Flickr 3dalesr1 by JRobson9, on Flickr 3dalesr2 by JRobson9, on Flickr 3dalesr3 by JRobson9, on Flickr 3oreo by JRobson9, on Flickr 3dalesr34 by JRobson9, on Flickr 3taz by JRobson9, on Flickr I got many more but I'm not sure I'm allowed to post so many images in one post. Probably already over did it lol. If so just delete a few photos mods.
  7. Great guesses guys. Roach is the winner, he got all 3 correct, Outlaw was so close though. Will have another contest next week so be ready! I've got a few 1:24 scale Monster Jam diecasts to give away as well. Roach toss me your addy through PM and I'll get your hat on your away as soon as possible
  8. Ok guys I've done a few free giveaways before for Diecasts on other forums, so this is my first Monster Jam one. I've currently got a few Monster Jam Hotwheels diecasts (most out of the box) and I also have a official Monster Jam hat worn by my sweaty head in Cincy a few years ago. Tried to find the same hat a while back but nothing. Its a cool hat for sure. All you need to do is pay shipping (preferably through paypal, if not Ill just cover it myself no biggie) shipping for a hat and or small truck would be under 5 bucks easily. Now the contest is going to be a little random and easier for some guys that know me or have known me.. You'll need to guess my top 3 favorite trucks and Drivers in Monster Jam/Trucks. The first one to get it will win, if perhaps somebody 'ties' the first post will be the winner. Once the contest is over I will take a picture of the hat. Send a PM of your mailing address and I'll ship it out to you Monday! Heres how it'll go, after 5 or 10 guesses if none are correct I'll give hints. Trucks: 1. 2. 3. Drivers: 1. 2. 3. Thanks to any and all that participate I can be sure you'll love the hat!!
  9. JRobson


    Totally agreed. Although Dover has never been very special in my eyes regardless. With more tire wear it may be a good race but Dover as a track has always been extremely overrated in my eyes. Would much rather see another Atlanta or Darlington race added onto the schedule inplace of at least one Dover race. They certainly don't deserve 2 especially with the crowds they have.
  10. Well people pay 60 dollars for junk games like Halo, Stars wars or whatever fantasy games you kids are into these days. Honestly we're lucky we don't have to pay for the version of ROR we have now. It cost money to build these games. As long as it isn't how iRacings payment system is we'll be just fine lol.
  11. Woohoo Kasey proves he is Hendrick worthy
  12. Derp. If you were a 'true NASCAR fan' you'd know Robby Gordon isn't even racing Charlotte this week, not to mention.. He hasn't won a race in.. Uh 10+ years. lawl. BTW how can 8 drivers win a race.
  13. Another Harvick car up for sale. 2004 Harvick Las Vegas Busch series race win Diecast. A limited edition build which is also autographed by Kevin. Check it out and feel free to check out a few of my other items. http://www.ebay.com/itm/110879938585?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/sch/jrobson9/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25&_trksid=p3686
  14. Yeah that is what I do as well. It saves a good 15+ fps for me. Still haven't had any time to hop back on as of late. Heard they changed the tire models again though.. I did pretty good with the last one so its going to suck to comeback and have to relearn the game. But thats part of the challenge and fun eh!
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