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  1. stinger

    Albuquerque 2019 Custom

    great track my brother is gonna be on an arena this is like perfect for him to start on
  2. Bored anyone wanna have a fun run sign up like this please pick 2 trucks Name stinger trucks bounty hunter 2018 and gas monkey link discord name stinger #5506
  3. stinger

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Stadium Tour Test Run

    I will be
  4. At 1:00 we will be having another Fun Run at Toronto 2018. We will have Racing Two Wheel Skill and Freestyle. Please put this information below Name Stinger Truck Hurricane force Link to truck And Discord name stinger#5506 hope to see some people sign up
  5. stinger

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Sign-Ups (Open)

    name stinger discord stinger truck you are working on have not competed on any tours
  6. Fun run will be at the Arnhem 2013 track at 1:30 we will be doing two wheel skill and freestyle REPLICAS ONLY please give the following information Name stinger Truck Fullboar 2.0 Link to the truck http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3075-fullboar-20/ And your Discord name stinger please try to be signed up by at least 1:15
  7. stinger

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Announcment!

    I would like to drive I have not been on any tour before so I think I would be an arena tour driver
  8. stinger

    [TRUCK] Kraken Monster Truck

    I am in the process of making it
  9. stinger

    Fun Run Tacoma 12:00 12/29/18

    if anything wrong please let me know
  10. stinger

    Fun Run Tacoma 12:00 12/29/18

    two wheel skill and freestyle REPLICAS ONLY please put this information Name [stinger] Truck [Monster Patrol] Link to truck Discord Name [stinger]
  11. stinger

    Gaithersburg 2018

    also dads backflip went awesome he broke first show went to big and rip front end apart so paul had to backflip he landed second show dad landed it
  12. stinger

    Gaithersburg 2018

    thank you dude I love how you recreated toxics save
  13. stinger

    Bad Company 2018

    no sound awesome truck 9/10 because no sound
  14. stinger

    Jamboree Custom

    track is awsome