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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is just a repaint of swegliner849's repaint of niwell's truck. This one took me about 2 to 3 hrs. Very happy with the way it came out. looking forward to posting more like this on sim monsters . This is also my tribute to Larry Swim who was part of the Bigfoot team he just did his last show in Mansfield OH and this is the truck he ran. He did awesome for his last show and it was a good show to end at not only was his last show in Mansfield but also my dad did the steel wall stunt that Dennis Anderson did in Mr. Destruction. credits paint/idea- me cloning- bluethunder569 google- photos
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is just a repaint of swegliner849's repaint of niwell's truck. After about 4-6 hrs its finally done. Ladies and bigfoots I give you Christian Normans ride for the Jamborees last year. credits to repaint idea for truck- me cloning and helpful hand - bluethunder569 google- pictures of truck my phone - when I got bored my hat - keep my head covered and keep light off my brother - constant disturbance reason to get up
  3. name- stinger discord name- stinger#5506 truck- monster energy truck link http://www.mediafire.com/file/7sibot6lcxylitb/MonsterEnergy2017Pack.zip/file
  4. Welcome to the Mutant Super Soda Tour sign ups. This tour will be Two Wheel Skill Racing and Freestyle. Each comp will give you points in the lead for being crowned tour champion. For our last stop we will go to Monster Jam world finals VII in Las Vegas NV. There we will crown the Racing champion the Freestyle champion and new for this year the Two Wheel Skill Champion the Big air champion and the Donut champion. This tour will be a stadium tour only unless we get enough people for an arena tour to. This is going to be a replica only tour. We will have a test event but if you join you will find out more on the discord server. If you are interested plz let me know. sign ups close the 21st. PLZ sign up like shown below Discord name- stinger#5506 Sim monsters name- stinger Truck - the truck you will use' Link to truck-Link to truck u will use Hope to see u there
  5. we have two people right now
  6. This Saturday at 1:30 will be the monster jam mutant super soda fun run at Tampa 2019. This fun run will include racing two wheel skills and freestyle. Depending how many people sign up we might have qualifying at 12:30. This will be a 4.7 replica fun run. Please get signed up by at least 11:00 Saturday sign ups close Saturday at noon unless we have enough people if so they will close at 11:30 again depending how many people sign up. Please sign up as shown below Hope to see ya there Discord name and tag info - stinger #5506 Sim monsters name - stinger truck you will be running - destroyer replica and download link-
    great track my brother is gonna be on an arena this is like perfect for him to start on
  7. Bored anyone wanna have a fun run sign up like this please pick 2 trucks Name stinger trucks bounty hunter 2018 and gas monkey link discord name stinger #5506
  8. At 1:00 we will be having another Fun Run at Toronto 2018. We will have Racing Two Wheel Skill and Freestyle. Please put this information below Name Stinger Truck Hurricane force Link to truck And Discord name stinger#5506 hope to see some people sign up
  9. name stinger discord stinger truck you are working on have not competed on any tours
  10. Fun run will be at the Arnhem 2013 track at 1:30 we will be doing two wheel skill and freestyle REPLICAS ONLY please give the following information Name stinger Truck Fullboar 2.0 Link to the truck http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3075-fullboar-20/ And your Discord name stinger please try to be signed up by at least 1:15
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