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  1. I love you for this. It's beautiful. No homo.
  2. I took Neil's 2016 Red MAX-D for a s t r e t c h
  3. I record my videos via Microsoft's Game Bar. It is a built in game recording and photo taking software. I have had no problems with recording from the Game Bar until now. I open up RoR ready to record a freestyle run by holding the Home button on the XBOX ONE Controller or Win+G. The Game Bar then freezes (not the game though, I can still drive around in that time) then eventually gives my Laptop the "Blue Screen"... Then restarts. Has anyone had this sort of issue? I run RoR RC4 4.8 Thanks in the meantime
  4. I'm offering to help Calvin, nobody else here has done that before as far as I know. Trying to help with mass requests dude
  5. Not being narcissistic, but dude, slow down with your requests. Try and take up Blender building. You can make some really cool stuff (like the 2019 Big Kahuna!) if you're committed. I can even help you. conman#5671, Hit me up on Discord if you want to jump on-board.
  6. c0nman

    G920 Help

    Hello I'm looking for a Logitech G920 input map. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ya boi
  7. Hello all. I have decided to do my first blender build, more specifically building an entire body to fit a CRD chassis. I have also run into a dilemma, I simply can't choose which one to do! I have to decide between a 2018 Toyota Tacoma and a 2018 Ford Raptor (Yes, I know. A Raptor body has already been done.) But not in the way I'm going to do it. Anyway, I'm stuck with deciding between the two and I have provided pictures below on both options. I will be taking count of votes via thread replies, and I will end close the post (If it's not already done in the timeframe of 30 seconds by Moderators since I might have posted this in the wrong place LoL) on the 11th of November, 2018. Thanks for any contributions.
  8. c0nman

    Backwards Bob

    God, we can never have anything nice without some good old arguements. But regardless, I can kinda see a pattern here with making flashback - if you will - trucks. By taking trucks from the 2008 Monster Jam era and making them modern again. Nice job leggster, I'm definitely a fan. 👊
  9. Hello, I am Connor I've been a Monster Jam / Monster Truck fan for most of my life. I started watching Monster Jam Crashes on YouTube and Monster Truck racing on TV, and saw trucks like Bounty Hunter, Big Dawg, and Snake Bite - and that's what fueled my interest in Monster Trucks. I started collecting Hot Wheels Monster Trucks at age 6 or 7, and it started growing. The first one I ever got was the black/blue Survivor, hell, I still have it now. The collection is going strong, with about 90 1:64 trucks now, and another 20 something trucks coming from the 'States in a trade. I joined the site a while ago, wanting to play RoR as I grew tired of waiting for any new Monster Jam games for the PS2 or XBOX. It was astonishing to see a game/mods with this amount of people and detail, so I downloaded it. I found this site not long afterwards with the intent of downloading mods and staying quiet, playing RoR for my own enjoyment. But I became more and more interested in the forum once I found out there were actually people in it (stupid me, but I didn't fully know what a forum was at the time). I'm also very interested in making trucks for RoR. I have made a couple of stupid repaints and all that, but I understand that's not what give you good rep. I'm going to start making my own custom truck for starters, then move on to making replicas for 0.4 and 0.38. I will keep trying to do my part on making this server a little better bit by bit... I do have a mental disorder, I have very light Autism. (Not 100% full fledged Autism, but so little of it that the traits aren't even that noticeable) I try and make the best of it and try and be formal and clearly spoken as much as I can, so If you see me doing dumb poo, it's probably not because of the disorder itself (Well, sometimes it actually is) it's because of me not doing the research before I post haha. Wishing you all the best Connor
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