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  1. monsterjamman12503

    .4 tmnt truck pack

  2. monsterjamman12503

    [TRUCK] Monster Patrol

    wanna talk man?
  3. monsterjamman12503

    .4 tmnt truck pack

    I know there is a pack of it but I love a .4 of the pack and this I want for it name: teenage mutant ninja turtles chasie: black shocks: with the turtles headband colors like blue, red, orange, and purple
  4. monsterjamman12503

    [TRUCK] Monster Patrol

    agree have pual saffers and tom ments to that would be allsome!
  5. monsterjamman12503

    Denver 2013

    you should converet this to a .4 track !
  6. monsterjamman12503

    Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing

    this wet to extremes of the track and who it is in real life only if I could see the beta of freestyle but this is a all some track!!!
  7. monsterjamman12503

    .4 tmnt truck pack

    I know there is a pack but I wish it was for .4 responded back if you or anybody could make it thank you
  8. monsterjamman12503

    digger of graves make it somebody please

    I really want this truck made after monster jam ocd made that truck and please make it on .4 ok who ever is building it thank you guys for who is going to make it thank you