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  1. They are in a zip open it and has all the track files
  2. Guys my blender when im exporting a track is not working and is always show a error on the corner of the screen and when everything is maped and in one mesh can some one help me ples!!!!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    hey guys this is a another track pack guys its in a folder now guys so you could chose what tracks you want. credit to all the creators of these tracks and the list of the tracks iz way to big to list so check the folder and chose your poison!!!!
  4. Open the file the files of the tracks are in the file u downloaded
  5. Version 1.0.0


    GET A LOAD of THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know the drill credit to all the creators and i hope you enjoy this pack more on the way!!!!!! Arnhem 2013 (re uploaded) Mexico 2015 (beta) ceder rapids custom Cleveland 2013 Columbus 2010 custom world finals 8 Houston 2013 February Maryland Motor Speedway Miami 2013 (re uploaded) Monster Jam Quincy 2013 new Orleans 2013 ocala 2013 rosemount 2011 San Diego rormm Seattle 1999 wildwood 2011
    awesome pack man making my life easy man but dang congrats and the track choices are good man continue the good work P.S how in the world you got some tracks working dang?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    this is probably the biggest list of tracks in this line of tracks and you know the drill give me request for converted tracks and credit to all the creators for these tracks and see u guys at lucky number 10. Albuquerque 2014 Arlington 2013 freestyle jam Manchester 2012 Montreal 2011 MROR WF4 new York state fair 2011 rutland 2010 Salem stadium 2013 San Deigo 2011 SPHRA Hastings
  7. Version 1.0.0


    this is another pack for .4 tracks guys and i need you guys to give me links to tracks you want converted guys credit to all the people that made these tracks guys and see you guys later!!! Anaheim 2014 custom X tour bakers field dodger stadium (this is the second oldest track on sims currently) Fresno 2012 Greensboro 2014 Hampton Colosseum 2014 Reno 2014 (do not use freestyle guys its only 2012 and the racing works as the main freestyle track) Tacoma 2014 custom
  8. the version of blender i use is blender 2.75 and i need help with some tracks. the modeling is finish for the tracks i just need help with this textures and i follow tutorials and everything i need some one to do it when i could do the paint i will send the files to who could help OK guys and thank you if anyone could.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    sorry for not get the tracks out guys i been busy also thank you for your guys recommendations guys and here's the list of tracks. -Albany 2014 -bloomsburg 2013 -Milwaukee 2013 -Minneapolis 2012 -SAM BOYED -Tampa custom 2016 -uniondale 2012 more tracks under way and give me your recommendations guys.
  10. i was about to converted this track lol
  11. yo send me a link if you want me to do it
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