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  1. Name: Ryan Cooper's BMW M3 GTR Body: BMW M3 GTR Chassis: CRD? Extra Details: Toyo Tires with White Toyo letters, Actual BMW M3 GTR Rims and a Stacked Deck Skin Paint: Stacked Deck: Name: Razor Callahan's Ford Mustang GT Body: Ford Mustang GT Chassis: Crd? Extra Details: Toyo Tires with White Toyo letters, "Payback" Skin Paint: Payback Skin:
  2. I Guess This Is Probably The First Case for the 2019 Monster Jam Trucks.
  3. Hot Wheels Has A Reason To Retire. But Why Mad Scientist And Lucas Oil Crusader?!
  4. So........ King Krunch's Hood Is Gonna Be White Now
  5. Bomb Squad was a ride truck owned by Destructive Motorsports Australia, but was originally built stateside and stayed in the U.S. It became Powertrip.
  6. The team missed the first quarter but came back in the summer
  7. Bomb Squad Got Turned Into Powertrip. It's Now Owned By Destructive Motorsports
  8. Looks Like Something Is Coming. It's Currently Under Construction And Will Be Driven By Zakk Marcovich
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