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  1. Name: Iron Man Replica or custom: Repli-custom Chassis: CRD or PEI
  2. okay cause every time I extract a truck file to change something on it the bkt tires become all black in game
  3. is that for 0.4? Cause I know how to do it on 0.39.
  4. I tried changing tires in 0.4 the same way you do in 0.39 but it did work at all. If anyone knows that'd be great!
  5. ACDCFAN2828


    is that track gonna be released?
  6. Can anyone help me out with this problem I've been having recently? All my trucks I have in the game where working fine. Then recently I would try to load one (it only happens to a few) and they crash. I use 4.8.
  7. which version of orlando and is it gonna be on 4.8? and to run a fun run you have to go under the leagues directory or fun runs to hold events.
  8. I just ran a pass right now and no time showed on the corner of my screen
  9. is there a way to see the time you got and the lights don't turn on for me.
  10. ya and if someone can help me make a discord link that'd be great!
  11. Track: Monster Spectacular Montreal 2019 Venue: Olympic Stadium Date: April 6, 2019 Racing Style: J Hook https://ca.images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrDQqt7xeVcZVEA_wAXFwx.;_ylu=X3oDMTB0N2Noc21lBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=monster+spectacular+montreal+2019&type=c11092010f8e33c0a0c4cf61f29&hspart=shnl&hsimp=yhs-001&param1=CH&param2=DS&param3=28666&param4=gg3Q7gZBKJe4eGNInouHFqUAylF4ryX6awHjPZEfo7jHDQoocuxD%2FmuiVq4zh51LNmvBKPxgDGzTNkrQTX6YfyzthVVn4d%2F5HXmNMDGg%2BTKPXjOokqDonB0w4rOf3be%2Bw9c1UxLVxxoDWVehCUrDhExchgbAL36fa%2Fjjqn4ji8DXkViQLJbaAkL8mzRdXO%2FYyXTHPFU3%2Br8aRmihmQeNY1vQK7OhtYz33C%2F9xI%2FG1dxpUhGrgyAQGyAMNDcOAWqf8V8HBTNCyFGWH4NjKOkig%2FkDqcm52WVvbyk3WOk9uu9dVZnjiAdOAXEAjaoSRDpyE%2BjymO2kr00crdGaIWjnMjkkdoW9iwP%2BiO10%2FPzUu1gUqC0N9MzHTNn%2Bp2q3thQ5FXJX483QCSfqHOI8J0ODJVP%2BXyZLdo8TVflqvWO%2BHvP1mvbq%2F9YTe4XUnJUq3JwLzPebiAgevAscuPlgwdVXYtbMKmY%2FJ%2BcLlshlLLmEGLtRX08MfgRcteScp%2B%2BQza68e1nFkv%2FnRGhC7AzGti59tJDilfnSyvzGzzuG9%2BzQVQjkYWA47YxV2rx8L%2BSYSvNWVUFxdLYTuMorZ%2FnmJOuHONt07IKb7nPfOzSDc3XXoGdiU26ByKJWknaPjHUKfwiXwtCudl6Nt%2BJDbLQDS%2FUrqRZKT3BEwpIKMGWQAqDY4bTaJJ6D7oqNX4I2juRMf6i%2BdHdt8ymjSqNAIBHjaJaAYKfunndbN4BV%2B8dtuyEzODOS5XnHk3qSWVO%2BB4OiZcK%2B&ei=UTF-8&fr=yhs-shnl-001#id=17&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.forgetthebox.net%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2019%2F04%2Fmonster-spectacular.jpg&action=click
  12. Name: Dylan Pereira Discord: DylanPereira2828#6553 Truck: Overkill Evolution 2019
  13. If anyone here is interested in joining a fun run on 4.8 let me know. Need a total of 12-14 trucks to compete once I get enough trucks I'll setup a discord link. P.S Would also like to have someone to call the races and three judges for freestyle scores would be a total out of 40. And for two wheel skills the scores would be out of 20. Time of event will be at 9:00pm eastern.
  14. Hi my name is Dylan Pereira I use compete in a few leagues 6 years ago. Them being Monsters Of RoR, Rock The Road Motorsports, and Big Dawgs. I have two freestyle wins in stadium in those past six years so I would like to come and get some more. I've been practicing/training a lot in my off time like doing two wheel skills tricks since that's been a new thing since I've been gone. I plan on joining the new league on the site Monster Jam Extreme Carnage Tour!
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