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  1. KevinU

    [TRUCK] Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 2018

    pretty sure a CRD
  2. KevinU

    [PACK] 1980's Grave Diggers

    i think some of these trucks are on this website already
  3. KevinU


    Probably could get to work on this on my own time might need some help though.
  4. KevinU


    Would look amazing if made correctly.
  5. KevinU

    2017 Bigfoot RepliCustom pack

    The Trucks are great and the paint is in good quality👌
  6. KevinU

    Quad Chaos/following guidelines

    Tbh I had no idea i thought it was pei from what ive heard from people well.. now i know
  7. Now that i know the rules and im not a complete idiot i would like to make a actual request Name: Quad Chaos Body: Custom Monster ATV Chassis:Pei Paint (images of color/graphics): Also i would like to help out in this community so i will be making trucks in my own time. And tracks when i can i just need to figure out how which in time i will
  8. KevinU

    Dirt Crew

    I feel bad for asking so many trucks but i do want to let you guys know of trucks that we should make for the public
  9. KevinU

    Quad Chaos

    Quad Chaos is a amazing truck and someone should make this truck when they can.
  10. KevinU

    Predator, Prowler, Pouncer

    They Shoul Be made and be perfect for people these trucks are amazing
  11. KevinU

    Make Zombie Hunter

    Pls it is very worth it people love this truck