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  1. Hello i was watching a video that you made about how to convert tracks and i perfectly followed the instruction correctly and it keeps giving me a error that it says there has been a technical error. The terrain name cannot be empty. But i have completed and done everything correct. Can you please help me. If you like i can send you the file on media fire that i am working on to see if i hav done something wrong 

    Trucks are amzaing every single one of them work. And are functional. This is a master piece. Sounds are great too
    AMAZING truck Drives amazing and no broken decals or anything Astonishing work Keep up the good work This is amazing content
  2. Name- Kevin Urguelles Discord name- Kevinu #5033 Truck- Gunslinger Tours Competed in Wra Truck link-http://www.mediafire.com/file/a36d92j37qm3bam/Gunslinger.zip/file
  3. KevinU


    Hilarious truck. I tried it out. and drove it a bit it. It drives very smoothly. Keep up the good work
  4. i would upload it but im trying to get this brodozer uploaded. Which is not going in my favor so far
  5. Message me. For more details ill make the truck
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