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  1. KevinU

    .4 converted world finals 6

    Great work first track
  2. KevinU

    Soldier Fortune 2019 Custom

    Great Truck
  3. Hello i was watching a video that you made about how to convert tracks and i perfectly followed the instruction correctly and it keeps giving me a error that it says there has been a technical error. The terrain name cannot be empty. But i have completed and done everything correct. Can you please help me. If you like i can send you the file on media fire that i am working on to see if i hav done something wrong 

  4. KevinU

    El Toro Loco Marc Pack

    Trucks are amzaing every single one of them work. And are functional. This is a master piece. Sounds are great too
  5. KevinU

    Megalodon (Chad Tingler) 2018

    AMAZING truck Drives amazing and no broken decals or anything Astonishing work Keep up the good work This is amazing content
  6. KevinU

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Sign-Ups (Open)

    Name- Kevin Urguelles Discord name- Kevinu #5033 Truck- Gunslinger Tours Competed in Wra Truck link-http://www.mediafire.com/file/a36d92j37qm3bam/Gunslinger.zip/file
  7. KevinU


    Hilarious truck. I tried it out. and drove it a bit it. It drives very smoothly. Keep up the good work
  8. KevinU

    [TRUCK] Kraken Monster Truck

    Sent you a request
  9. KevinU

    [TRUCK] Kraken Monster Truck

    i would upload it but im trying to get this brodozer uploaded. Which is not going in my favor so far
  10. KevinU

    [TRUCK] Kraken Monster Truck

    I have multiple of them some with flags.
  11. KevinU

    [TRUCK] Kraken Monster Truck

    Message me. For more details ill make the truck
  12. KevinU

    [TRUCK] Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 2018

    pretty sure a CRD