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  1. Same Here. I think there is a texture problem on that track. You know to fix that?
  2. Name: Pontiac Sliverdome 1989 Venue: Pontiac, Michigan Year: 1989 Race Style: St. Louis Replica/Custom: Replica Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wooKHj_xu4w
  3. Name: Project X Body: Custom Roll Cage Chassis: Either CRD or PEI Chassis Paint: Green or Sliver Tires: GY15 Tires (GYTireJohn texture) Note: I'm not able to insert the pictures of the Truck due to them being too big in size. If you don't know what this truck looks like, Search "Project X monster truck Kevin Poore" and look on Images. There's plenty of images of the truck to get a good idea on what the truck looks like. Hopefully this truck can be made because I think it looks really cool.
  4. Is this the same process if you wanted to put on mud truck tires and rims onto a monster truck of our choice?
  5. Someone should make mud truck tracks like north vs south 2017 or this like on for the .4.7 version. They would be fun to drive on if someone can do it.
  6. Hey guys. I've played Rigs of Rods for while. I got a bit of practice on some tracks with open mods, made a SM account, and I made two truck requests on the request forum so far. I like to know when the next fun runs will be so I can try them out because I think it would be fun to try competitive racing and freestyle when I have nothing going on during any day like the weekends. I would appreciate any kind of help to enter any leagues or fun runs, and to who can help me get my personal trucks because my computer is unable to run certain programs like Orge. Thanks!
  7. I don't think it's a hard truck to make, though I don't know or have the programs to make one. If any one can make this truck concept when they have the time, it would make me happy because I would like to try out on sim monster leagues when I can. And having a unique truck would be cool. 😀👍
  8. Name: Bullet Club Chassis: PEI/Samson's cantilever system from the PEI pack Body: Ford body (From the Straight jacket 2015 truck) Other details: Flags
  9. Name: War Bouncer Body: Custom Roll/Exo cage Chassis: Custom Paint: Black/any color that flows with black. Tires: any kind of MT tires/with white wording Flags: Black and White American flags with blue stripe. Other details: Zoomies engine sound. And needs to be full truck.
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