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    Ford is the best, not cheap, very expensive but you don't die when a typical chevy,dodge driver is smashing down the road towards you, instead, fortunately THEY die, Built Ford Tough.

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  1. Cadillac

    Son-Uva Digger MUD Custom CRRT

    make the bed black
  2. Cadillac

    Soldier Fortune USA 2018

    Cant download it. Oh well doesn't even look like the hotwheels diecast looks like trash and a wrong shade of blue and red lol.
  3. Cadillac


    if you had a brain and actually went to school it is very unrealistic
  4. Cadillac

    Avenger Nomad Customs

    are you? I mean literally lol be realistic and use your goddamn brain, goddamn.
  5. Cadillac

    [TRUCK] Big Kahuna 2019

    so you're telling me you get a notification for every single request put in truck request? JESUS CHRIST you people have 66 iq
  6. Cadillac

    [TRUCK] Big Kahuna 2019

    why does it matter if hes spamming different truck REQUESTS?
  7. Cadillac

    Avenger Nomad Customs

    I think I will shoot myself now *waves*
  8. Cadillac

    Avenger Nomad Customs

    I already downloaded that junk yard poo mod but thank you for wasting your life linking me the laziest piece of poo ever
  9. Cadillac

    Avenger Nomad Customs

    what the love you had the audacity to make this piece of poo but no original one wow lol
  10. Cadillac


    you kiss your parents with that mouth? -Outlawed
  11. Cadillac

    Wild Flower

    Lol its true beam ng crd SUCKS ass
  12. Cadillac

    PEI Chassis Truck Pack

    I would love to drive my favorite truck jester had it not lagged with 12 apps open, or 2.
  13. Cadillac

    [TRUCK] Ice El Toro Loco

    When you finish it please make sure where the horns go into the socket, around that socket looks like cracked ice, thank you.
  14. Cadillac

    [TRUCK] Ice El Toro Loco

    Lol im sure they could just look them up themselves.
  15. Cadillac

    Custom SilverDome 2017

    10/10 would Tom Meents again.