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  1. bruh you are the one bashing people for their probably at least half decent creations..... so honestly, you shouldn't be throwing attitude at a guy that probs has more experience than you on this site.
  2. just please make sure it is a fair size. I downloaded maxdman's one, and the things in the ramp were almost sticking out on the top.
  3. the only thing different about the tabletop is the extra lane tbh
  4. NAME: Hampton 2019 VENUE: Hampton Coliseum RACING STYLE: Chicago REPLICA OR CUSTOM: Replica DATE RAN: 1/18/19 PICTURES: I will have to do it I video form bc I cannot find my pictures... so here is the link. the timestamps I got were the following: RACING: 0:10 TWS: 24:46 FREESTYLE: 1:05:09
  5. he needs to bc I love this map and now I can't redownload it
  6. no hate intended here, I promise. If I were you, I would take this file down and redo it the right way. The right body, just redo it. I a pretty sure you know what I mean. and after that, repost it with everything corrected. technically, all you need to do is get the right body molding, and you can ask somebody to do the paint FOR YOU. again, no hate intended here, just giving you some constructive criticism (if you even call it THAT)
  7. so yeah, anybody hosting a fun run tonight? nothing much to really say other than that.
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