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  1. hey do u mind if i use this paint for a mad scientist updated, i will darken the paint tho
  2. can someone help me because when i was editing nodes and beams to make truck from solid to breakable but when i load in the trucks everything else works but the tires detach from the truck i would just make a truck but i dont know how and i like trucks breakable so it gets more complicated
  3. the brutus would be good if it has the muddy treads as the pirates curse has
  4. do you think you can convert some trucks by any chance???
  5. yo thanks for making this track its lit!
  6. next you should make el toro loco or brodozer
  7. thanks you gonna post it on sim or send it to me privately
  8. can someone make tampa 2019 track for .4
  9. on how to make breakbables cause if u could that would be great!!!
  10. nah im black myself i asked cause he said the n word in the description
  11. i wish they were breakable 😕
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