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  1. Wait...there's a Brutus breakable? I've never seen it before, is it even on the site still? Sorry for posting on an 'older' post if it's an issue, not like many posts get bumped anyways.
  2. Oh wow, you actually made my current favorite track to run both racing and freestyle on, STL 2019, go figure lol. I'd love to get into track/truck making or at least modding/painting/making trucks into breakables but blender is so intimidating for me right now. I've started learning how to tweak little things via .truck files in notepad but that's about it so far. I didn't know you made customs, though then again there were quite a few custom makers back in the day it was hard to remember them all. I actually am planning my first ever custom soon, I just need to figure out a few things(Mainly decal application and clear-coating), I'm gonna hand-paint it with Testors enamel paint. Have you seen the new Spin Master trucks? Hot Wheels lost the MJ contract and I was skeptical at first but the SM trucks are actually amazing, though you might get hooked back in again so be careful, lol. HW makes Bigfoot now too so it's a win-win as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Ayyy, I remember your name too! The avatar looks familiar as well, MadRat made mine too! I had the green ghost GD one, lol. Thanks man, been around for a little bit now but never got around to making one of these, lol. You still collecting?
  4. I'm a bit late making this post but figured now may as well be as good a time as ever, so here I am. I'm 25 and I'm completely new to monster truck games in general, my only previous experience being the 2007 Monster Jam PS2 dumpster fire of a game that basically had me avoiding MT games like the plague despite being a lifelong fan of MT's in general. I discovered RoR shortly before the new year and went hard getting into it even with my toaster laptop. I did try BeamNG.drive and ultimately prefer RoR for it's far more expanded mod community and the fact I happen to prefer the physics in RoR as opposed to Beam which feels a bit sluggish at times(It also doesn't run nearly as well on my toaster oven). I'm possibly looking into maybe making some fun run vids but I have no clue how to even use recording/editing software so that's a work in progress. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to join a league but we'll have to see about that one. I do eventually want to try my hand at making trucks, though that's a long ways off. I was a member on a forum site called MonsterTruckCollectors(MTC for short) under this exact same username some years ago before the site ultimately went down for good and moved to the FB group format. I've been collecting die-cast monster trucks since I was little and have amassed quite a nice collection over the years. Nowhere near the likes of MonsterJamOCD but I'm approaching the 300 mark at least. I collect old school Muscle Machines trucks(realistic decos only aka no movie trucks), Hot Wheels Monster Jam(And some from the new HWMT line), and the new Spin Master Monster Jam series. My fiance likes to poke fun at me for this, though she still plays Pokemon so we all have our vices, lol. Die-cast monster trucks has kind of always been a major hobby of mine so if anyone else on here is into collecting do let me know, always love to meet fellow collectors.
  5. DiggerFan13

    Fire Maxd

    What does this even mean? Not exactly in the loop so a tad lost here. Is this to say people just stop working on things if they get leaked and thus never get released or more a matter of things that were never supposed to be released get leaked regardless? Either way, glad we finally have at least one Fire and Ice truck to hold us over for now. Fingers crossed for the rest and am hopeful someone will eventually release a proper Dragon and Alien Invasion. I tried to convert it into a breakable using the MaxD2016 breakable but I have no idea what I'm doing and it ultimately turned out a failure. I tried to match up lines of code and thought I did a solid job, the truck still spawned but had double bodies and the wheels were all kinds of crazy.
  6. DiggerFan13

    Fire Maxd

    Regardless of the controversy, this thing is excellent, both looks and handling wise. Very nice to finally get a taste of the Fire and Ice trucks, kinda digging the idea of them trickling out one by one. Only "issue" I had was the wheels being all black, which happens a lot to me so it's probably not even the truck itself. Just swapped on Dough's BKT's and it works like a charm.
  7. Truck is amazing except no tires at all as others have stated. Funny part is I got it to work twice but then something messed up and now I have no tires no matter what I do. The rims are all there and the physics act as though tires are there but they're invisible and nothing seems to get them to appear. It really sucks since this truck drives damn near perfect, hoping someone has a fix.
  8. I agree with the notion that MJ is the best, they really are and have been for a while. They've been the only consistent promotion running for quite some time now and have really all but monopolized it, if indirectly due to other promotions just not being up to standard or having the sustainability and brand recognition that MJ has, even with the brand being sold to a few different owners(PACE, Live Nation, and then FELD). I do believe their equipment to be the best and their drivers the most talented, not to say there aren't talented drivers who are on par or better outside MJ but MJ has certainly collected a fair number of them. Their shows were definitely the best and still are, if only by default at this point. Overall, I don't hate MJ either, I love it for a variety of reasons; the fact it's monster trucks, the fact I'm a die-hard die-cast collector who loves collecting 1:64 scale monster trucks based on real life trucks, the fact it's pretty affordable(at the gate at least, don't buy online unless you wanna get ripped hard by TM), and I grew up knowing it my entire life and have always had a passion for it. I suppose that's why I think it's so sad it's gone downhill, at least in my opinion. The shows were more exciting, more hyped. The competition was the focus, the rivalries were real, the trucks and drivers had personality, the trucks actually crushed cars, it was fun for everyone young and old, men and women of all backgrounds could just relax. Some were more into it than others but overall, it was healthy. I think the constant search for the next big thing as far as moves go combined with the massive left vs. right political atmosphere we've seen explode in recent years has caused a massive shift in MJ's focus. MJ and monster trucks and really motorsports in general have always carried(albeit somewhat unfairly) the moniker of being a 'redneck' hobby, something that wasn't exactly sophisticated or as refined as other forms of competition. And while it may have a lot of roots in what people may stereotype as 'redneck' I don't believe that to be a fair assessment but the court of public opinion has decided otherwise, they believe monster trucks and motorsports in general are a symbol of the right, thus they don't wish to support it and try to label it and stereotype it. So what does FELD do in response to all of this coupled with how PC everything has become? They tried to distance themselves from that image and instead of trying to establish neutrality, went full blown PC to try and cater to the left, which in turn angers many of the people from the other side, etc. The result now is that MJ is a watered down PC saturated mess that doesn't even know what audience it wants to please from one day to the next and has completely lost touch with that the essence of the sport is all about. It's always been family entertainment but they've completely gone overboard and yes, as someone in their mid-20's who went to a show recently, I felt oddly out of place and damn near even nerdy because I felt like I was at something that was targeted towards kids instead of everybody. The thing is, with MJ, they did jump the shark with all the crazy stunts and ridiculous concepts they've introduced over the years. While it's impressive these machines can accomplish these feats, it ultimately makes things a lot more predictable and boring in the long run once it becomes a matter of who ever does the most backflips wins or whoever can do the best 720 cork screw front flip(obvious exaggeration on that). They need to walk everything back to it's roots and seriously go back and watch their own footage of their own events from the early 2000's, see what made it so compelling and exciting. It was still family fun but it was also real competition with an actual emphasis on competition. It was entertainment that allowed itself to play out naturally instead of feeling forced or being overdone. One could easily write it off as simple nostalgia but I honestly don't believe so, I go back and watch something like World Finals 3 and I'm legitimately excited and hyped for it. Do the same with a recent WF's? Meh, cool, they added more trucks, that's about the only more exciting part, more trucks. But what good is cramming 20+ more trucks into the event if it's half as entertaining because you ruined it? Imagine the field sizes of the WF's today with the production of classic MJ? Gahh, one can only dream. A simple return to their roots would go a helluva long way and come on, why haven't they invested in televising events live? They did it what, once? They used to have the WF's on PPV live as well, what happened to that??? In regards to motorsports in general, I feel the decline may just be a sign of the times saturating. It may be that they aren't pumping in enough new fans because the product isn't attractive enough anymore or people just don't care. It could also just be that it's finding a new normal. I say that in the sense that perhaps motorsports peaked and stayed there for a while but now it's descending a bit, while it's declining in terms of numbers, we're yet to see if it's temporary or long term or if it eventually settles to a new normal. Perhaps some genius will find a way to give electric engines the same roar of an IC engine and manage to capture their essence without the negative connotations/impacts. I for one don't care one way or another if they make it all electric so long as you can still feel the engines screaming in your chest.
  9. Yeah, I went on Sunday and don't get me wrong, it was a solid show but I've had much more fun in years past. It was honestly a forgettable show in most aspects, it didn't really engage the crowd much at all and I left there without many notable memories of the event. I had to look it up online who actually won freestyle and had no idea one of the trucks(Max-D) wasn't even coming out for freestyle, they didn't even mention the truck broke and if they did, they sure didn't do it loud enough, lol. It just felt empty and devoid of any soul, it was like it was too goofy to be taken seriously but too serious to be goofy, it's like it doesn't know what it is or even wants to be and is just this Frankenstein's monster of things mashed together. They zoomed through racing in literally 10 minutes, the donuts lasted all of 5 seconds max, the ATV races were lackluster at best(I miss quad wars), the speedsters were okay but I really didn't care for them(They also flipped ETL back over twice for a restart which didn't sit well with me), the 2 wheel skills were actually quite entertaining, I did enjoy that bit, and the freestyle was quite forgettable, partially because the track itself was lackluster at best and in part because it felt like the drivers just kinda mailed it in, being the last show of the weekend and all. And yes, I figured that was the case. I was still a lurker back when that thread was active and saw how it devolved into what ultimately got it locked. It's unfortunate people can't just keep civil and let the discussion flow without getting up in their feelings but it is what it is, people will be people as they say. My knowledge of NASCAR isn't what it used to be as I'd all but stopped paying attention after it became the Jimmie Johnson show but I suppose I'm part of that statistic as to why NASCAR is in decline, lol.
  10. Thanks, man. I just laid out whatever I had on my mind in the open here. It helps I was just at an arena show this past weekend and have some thoughts coming off that which ultimately wound up in here, lol. I look forward to your full response and will stay tuned, my friend.
  11. All good, I wasn't butthurt or anything, just was like, "Whoa, hey, this literally IS my first rodeo!" type of reaction, lol. And makes sense in regards to the name, this was my name on the old MTC forum so it's a little tribute to my time on there before the site went down(RIP). But hey, yes, now I know! And I believe this may have been the image I was thinking of, doesn't appear to be any major event as far as I can tell though. That sucks FELD requires you to run BKT's, which from what I've seen appear to be infinitely inferior to the old Goodyears and whatever else was used in the past. Doesn't help that they're uglier than sin(Sorry, those giant bold white letters are hideous on the eyes). In that case, I hope HW's has been making calls and trying to book more and more indy teams for their shows and maybe entice them with a die-cast agreement, nothing boosts merch sales like a good 'ol fashioned die-cast, right? Meh, I'm probably biased since MP and Bearfoot are two of my all-time favorites and I'm addicted to collecting 1:64 scale trucks but I digress, I'd still love to see these trucks make a comeback into the spotlight where they belong in my opinion. I'm hoping old man Shafer eventually cuts bait and sells off the rights to someone, be it Phelps, FELD, or someone else entirely, who will actually put them back under the bright lights. I'd love to see an old school Grave Digger vs. Monster Patrol race or Bearfoot take on Bigfoot, etc.
  12. I think it's just a sign of the times, honestly. Motorsports have evolved but not enough to stay relevant. They've always teetered on the edge of sport vs. spectacle as it is. Casual money is ultimately the money that pays the bills and signs the checks and they've struggled to keep that money flowing because they aren't appealing to them anymore. Maybe it's just the way things are now, with less and less individuals and more and more copy+paste personalities. NASCAR's all but lost it's soul and everyone feels the same or quite similar and the way they have ruined points series with the cup chase has alienated a lot of long-time fans. Monster truck DRIVERS(Sorry, they're drivers, I will never call them 'athletes' or 'superstars') are all basically trained actors who sound/act the same and don't have any real flavor/unique qualities about them. It'll be a sad day once guys like Meents and Koelher hang up the helmet for the last time, we'll truly be in the age of the faceless. Adam Anderson is great, don't get me wrong, but he doesn't have the personality or the fire like his dad. That's not a knock against him, I just feel like he's bland and I feel like that's what they want. They want bland and they're definitely getting it but I think it's coming at a cost that's finally starting to be seen. Motorsports need a central governing body with actual teeth and actual protocols/procedures. Not some sham that can be bought/sold to the highest bidder or just so happens to be owned by some major promoter. An actual governing body that can define industry standards on both the business and entertainment side. Maybe the ability to be sanctioned by something official and carry that moniker as a way to legitimize yourself and get credibility that can ultimately be turned into marketability, etc. In a perfect world, FELD would acknowledge the criticisms their product has faced and continues to face to some degree and try to change it. A simple(Probably not so simple) solution would be to set a standard in place, pay drivers a base pay for shows and offer to either rent out a truck from their fleet(the team can use their body/paint for the event(s)) or else offer the funding/mechanics/tools needed to maintain the trucks to be able to run just as hard as fleet trucks and ensure competitive balance. This would obviously be in reference to independent drivers/teams and the high cost associated with running MJ events. In doing so, FELD could also really shift the focus on competition and emphasize the importance of winning and really legitimize things. Run a points series with specific qualifications to register on said series, something like they have now, except with much higher focus and actual importance of winning championships. Perhaps generate the field for the World Finals field based on major event Racing and Freestyle winners and fill the rest of the field with the teams/drivers that have the most points that haven't won a major event that season. They can still crown an overall season champion for points AND have the WF's to crown the racing and freestyle champions in a winner-take-all bracket as they do currently. Let drivers develop rivalries, let competition dictate hype, show some of the drama! If two drivers aren't particularly fond of each other and they're about to race, make note of it! If one guy is sitting in the hot seat and his arch nemesis is about to freestyle and try to knock him off, say something about it! Remember the days when Dennis and Tom weren't best buddies? Not to say they ever hated or even disliked one another but when it came to competition, those guys were fierce towards each other. The back and forth going after the checkered flag, that was exciting! Drivers had personalities, rivalries were prevalent, the competition was the focus and as a result, the product was superb because it meant something, both racing and freestyle, which I've seen your posts and know you would like racing only, I still feel freestyle has a place and is very much a vital portion of monster trucks in general but I believe the next evolution is to take a step back, raise the stakes of the competition and set legitimate criteria, stop encouraging drivers to demolish the truck every run, if it happens it happens but don't make that the standard of winning. Stop letting it be a contest of who can do 3+ backflips in one run to determine the winner, it really has jumped the shark and needs a bit of a return to it's roots. Racing just needs more emphasis and not to be blown through in under 10 minutes. They need to hype it up, make it matter, reference records, head to head records, all of that stuff that makes competition compelling and exciting.
  13. Man, shame this post is all but dead, I'd have thought more collectors would be all over this. I've been collecting most of my life and have somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-200 trucks(Been a while since I counted). Majority of those being from the HW MJ series, though I do have some rare goodies from the old Muscle Machines monster trucks(Both Monster Patrols, 2 Bearfoots, Bigfoot, Rampage, Raminator, Rammunition, and red Snakebite), and have started amassing the collection from the new Spin Master 1:64 line. I like the fact Spin Master makes the MJ trucks now, they're honestly vastly improved and really do look more realistic/accurate and they feel a lot sturdier in-hand. They also have scaled them properly and thus far have yet to ruin everything with chrome rims. I'm glad HW is continuing to produce trucks, though admittedly I'm just holding out for the Bigfoot 1:64's to make their debut. I'm hopeful more indy trucks make their way to the HW tour and wind up as die-casts, would love to see trucks we wouldn't normally be able to get with the MJ line.
  14. Sorry? It was my first ever post on here and clearly I made a rookie mistake. Every forum is different in that regard, don't gotta come in so hot, this is supposed to be a community, no? Not exactly the friendliest greeting ever but whatever, it's the internet...Moving on. And I could've sworn I've seen posts of Phelps' trucks running with an MJ label on the side, though that could just be old. I'm not even sure what the deal is with Phelps, he's leasing the names from Shafer, yes? If so, I wonder if that includes the ability to produce merchandise, which would likely make or break any of those chances. You raise a good point about Hot Wheels though, but then again have they booked any trucks outside their own in-house bodies and Bigfoot? It'd be nice to see more indies run with them but it's still so early. Has Phelps ever stated he has no desire to run with MJ? I'm completely in the dark on that aspect, all I know is I'd love to see MP and Bearfoot make a comeback. EDIT: On a side note, I assume the possibility of Tom ever getting behind the wheel of MP again, even if just for a few events, is all but non-existent. I say this in reference to FELD having Gary back in Crusher at the end, it'd be a cool nod to Tom's early days if they could somehow find a way to have him drive MP and 'Dozer again at some point. I doubt it'd ever happen but one can dream..
  15. May not be the big red Bear I knew and loved as a kid but it's still Bearfoot and it works for me. Hoping Phelps can step it up and MAYBE even secure a deal for some die-cast versions with the Spin Master MJ line. I'm an avid collector and frankly I've always wanted Monster Patrol and Bearfoot in die-cast and while I did find them(Muscle Machines 2003-2004 line has them, very limited/hard to locate), I'd love to see an updated release with the Phelps trucks. I hate the fact Shafer kept them so far away from everything and has seemingly wanted to take them to the grave, I hope Phelps keeps improving and gets them into bigger shows/back with MJ. Bearfoot and Monster Patrol are legends in my eyes, they deserve to be running with the biggest/best. It can't be said enough, if the game isn't realistic, it's doomed. Nobody wants the stupid fantasy-land, gyroscopic, cartoonish, unicorn rainbow pixie dust crap literally every MJ game has ever had. I've always wanted a down to Earth, realistic, simulation-based game with real physics and real trucks/venues. If they wanna lace in a game mode or two with arcade-game features as a nod to the older games, go for it but not at the expense of the actual game itself. MJ games have all been terrible/forgettable and wind up in the bargain bin less than a year after release, there's a reason for that and it's because they suck. A realistic game with realistic physics, a career mode, seasons, online tournaments, etc. The ability to create your own trucks/tracks, tailoring your truck to be a racer or a freestyler or a little of both, all things I would easily sink hours upon hours of my life into if only given the opportunity to do so. Hell, add in new trucks/tracks as add-on DLC as you go for all I care, I just want the MJ game we've all been craving for years and honestly deserve at this point. It's a joke that RoR has been the industry standard for as long as it has. And I hate the notion the games are kiddy because MJ is supposedly marketed at kids, that couldn't be more false. It's marketed towards families, which yes, includes children, but kids don't need ridiculous crazy crap to keep them entertained, kids are supposed to be into different things and have short attention spans. You'd be hard-pressed to see an MJ game, even the most kid-centric MJ game they could possibly produce, that would even come close to sniffing the kind of success a game like Fortnite or Minecraft has with younger demographics. Instead of focusing on a demographic that is clearly saturated more than enough, why not try and tap into other markets? The kids of yesterday are the young adults/adults of today, they grew up gaming too, they still play, why not try and catch their attention? What about hardcore fans of the sport or just motorsport enthusiasts in general? And there's no saying kids can't play something/be into something that's realistic/grounded, either. I have high hopes for this MJ game because it SEEMS like they're finally listening and trying to do it right but we'll see. Screenshots and trailers will do nothing to fan the flames, we need some gameplay to really highlight what it is we're getting. I don't know why FELD hasn't brought in RoR/Beam.ng guys into the mix to get them to help design/create these games, maybe they have? I don't know, I just hope this is the MJ game I've waited my whole life for but I'm not holding my breath until I see it for myself. /endrant.
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