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    Monster trucks, and it's been that way for 21 years and counting. Crew chief of Doomsday/2015 and Kayla Bloods El Toro Loco in 2016.

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  1. destroyerfan

    Show Your Ego Chapter 46

    I have a close up picture of the Dalton Millican logo. Pm me if you would like to use it
  2. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 45

    Looks like Santa Clara
  3. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 45

    Yeah the only one that was different was Perth, which was a welcome change. So if you make Brisbane and Perth you've basically made the entire Australian tour lol
  4. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 40

    All the trucks and projects look awesome guys! The one thing that I'll point out though is that on Doomsday there are actually two side-door pieces underneath the helmet and the sides of the helmet have an ear (of sorts lol) that come down over them so you can still see the door pieces underneath them instead of it being one solid piece all the way back after the curve. Hopefully the picture will explain it better than I can lol
  5. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 39

    Demko you're making me sad that I won't be able to play RoR until April lol. Everything looks awesome!
  6. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    Sweet man, that'd be awesome to get behind the wheel of Blown Income again
  7. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    Hhmmmmm.........Bad Investment and Blown Income. I remember those days lol, good to see it make its way to RoR Matt!
  8. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 38

    That one took me a minute, but I got it
  9. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Correction lol. When I got to work today I looked at the BKTs again and there's only one black, raised letter logo on it instead of two. They look great though man!
  10. destroyerfan

    Show Your Projects Chapter 37

    Those BKTs look really good. The only thing I noticed is that there is another logo that's molded into the tire opposite the white ones, so there are 4 logos on each side, 2 white painted ones and two raised letter black ones that aren't painted. If that makes any sense lol
  11. destroyerfan

    Traxxas Stadium

    Lol ok, I thought so. Great job again!
  12. destroyerfan

    Traxxas Stadium

    Track looks awesome Mark! Is this an MTM2 remake? I think I remember seeing this track before...
  13. destroyerfan

    V4 Custom7/11 Slurpee

    I just downloaded this and when I go to load it the game crashes, I get the "Rigs of Rods has stopped working" error message
  14. destroyerfan

    Anaheim 2014 (Show 2)

    What the heck,, I was at Anaheim 1 & 3 working and you make the ONLY Anaheim show I didn't work at. Haha I'm j/k, this track looks amazing, awesome job!!