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  1. It’s broken. All you can do is hope that he remasters it.
  2. is there any chance we could get this remastered for 4.8?
    Handles like a dream, nicely done!
  3. The differentials and the driveline housings are missing their textures.
  4. 2002 doesn’t have the Wrenchhead.com logo on it, as 2001 was the final year of that sponsorship.
  5. Any chance we can get an update to this? The tires no longer work.
  6. Do you think we could get the 2004-05 Hotwheels, the 2002 High Roller, 1999 Bulldozer, Wilman Monster Patrol, Wilman Taurus, and Wilman El Toro Loco out of this eventually?
    The old Predator chassis is one of my favorite trucks I’ve downloaded. It handles like a dream. I can’t wait for Prowler to be finished so I can run the team in my retro shows. Excellent work.
  7. Alright so I tried running ROR not in full screen mode and it crashed.
  8. Okay so I know this is a long shot, but I REALLY need help. Today I was going to record a surprise episode of ROR Throwdown. When I recorded my test run, I realized that despite Bandicam recording the entire time, it didn’t pick up on what was onscreen. At first I thought it was my window setting, but then I recorded a second time, and the ONLY thing it refuses to capture is ROR. It records everything else just fine. Has anyone else had this issue and if so can you PLEASE help me fix it? If not, my series is dead halfway through. And please don’t recommend OBS or any other recording software. OBS kills my laptop and I don’t have the money nor the patience to buy and relearn other systems
  9. I wouldn’t mind having this for my ROR Throwdown series
  10. I’ve had to re-install this for the third time, this last time it refused to load while I was in the middle of recording an episode, thus screwing one of my competitors out of being able to run. Please fix this.
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