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  1. sounds good 👌🏻
  2. Hmu on discord Androcks #5986 I'm down to drive. Son uvA digger or max d
  3. Help. Yes they work in single player but game crashes in multiplayer
  4. Androcks


    Multiplayer crashes when I choose a map
  5. WINNER OF THE TOUR WILL WIN A PRIZE THAT IS WORTH UP TO $50 Atlanta 2016 Fs1 Syracuse 2017 El Paso 2019 Salinas 2015 Metlife 2019 World finals TBA DISCORD IS: Androcks #5986 dm for more info.
  6. Androcks


    Put it into mods. Add my discord Androcks#5986
  7. Okay thank u & yes I would like to be grave digger
  8. Okay thanks and will do. my discord is Androcks #5986 I'm okay with being any truck tbh if you can name me a couple that aren't chosen yet
  9. Can I sign up still? Rookie here looking to compete in arena
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