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    Hi Guys, I am trying to figure out how to add tracks, but I dont have a terrain folder or a packs forlder. I also have ROR folder under Program Files (x86), and a Rigs of Rods 0.4 in my documents. I am new to this and I would love some help. Figured out how to add trucks (I think), but tracks elude me.
  2. So it shouldn't go on the ROR .4 Folder?
  3. Also, I have figired out how to get my trucks in the game, but not tracks. I put "World Finals 16 from here in my mods folder and it doesnt show up. Any Ideas?
  4. Ok, thank you! I will try this soon
  5. Ok, so how would I use a config in a different version of the game than the one I am using? Sorry...I am really new to all this. Thanks for all your help.
  6. So even after launching, still no folder, it does have a Mods Folder, and i put the trucks in there, and they work, but I cannot control Rear Steer with Controller. IDC if front and rear are linked, or if they are independent. I just want rear steer to work.
  7. Hi, My Name is Gilbert, An I am BRAND new to this site and this game. I cant figure out how to get the trucks I've downloaded into the game. in my ROR folder, there is no Vehicles folder, so I don't know how to add it. Also, how do i add the tracks? Thanks in advance. Also, how do you make rear steer work on Xbox One Controller?
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