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  1. Not the first time someone tried that. Ryan did it at a show a while back I believe.
  2. It's been running since late last year when it debuted in Caycee, SC. Ed Sanderson drives it and is pretty good. Former Broker chassis in case anyone is wondering but with a lot of upgrades.
  3. Green version had the cradle redone on it somewhat during it's time as a Digger.
  4. I'll be at this event on Friday, so I'll get some pictures.
  5. Honestly, no interest in really driving outside of once or twice. I'd be more interested in announcing shows.
  6. Julian, NC Monster Mash. I was at that event.
  7. Truck is not working for me (either one of them). Saying it is missing a mesh stabilizer thing.
  8. It's a good truck, but for some reason I cannot see out the front windshield.
  9. It may just be my eyes but that chassis looks off a bit. Brandon runs an older style patrick not one of the newer ones (as the one you pictured appears to be to me). Again though, I may be wrong that what chassis you used.
  10. Was at last night's Julian show. Very solid. Matt in Jester got wheelies and freestyle, while Bad Company got racing. Lots of strong efforts in wheelies (Reckless Driving getting stuck vertically, Jester's slap wheelies, etc.) Racing was solid. Finals had to be rerun as the first them they ran it, both Ice Cream Man and Bad Company DQ'd. Freestyle was good. Going back tonight.
  11. Re. Extreme Diesel, the chassis is wrong. Dave runs a different cradle than the one you are using at this time. It's much longer.
  12. Hate to mention this, but the breakable version still isn't working for me. No error messages or anything like that when I go to load it. Rather it just doesn't lost period.
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