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  1. sup cant you try to do monster race i ed 2017??? i would love that thank you :)

    eller om du har varit på fler eventer typ som habo,kumla,hösäter, så kan du gör nån av dom i stället tackar :)

  2. diggerthechamp

    RTR World Finals 4

  3. diggerthechamp

    Arnhem 2013

  4. diggerthechamp

    Monster Truck Video Thread

    They switched with Coty's chassis bacause green rims on the Mauler would look weird.
  5. diggerthechamp

    Post Your Pet Peeves

    Scania fan boys. Cyclists that bikes on the road insead of the sidewalk. Brony music Religion
  6. diggerthechamp

    Monster Truck Video Thread

    It's that time of the year again
  7. diggerthechamp

    Fun Run at Southland Super Speedway Saturday 8/9/14

    Iron Outlaw
  8. diggerthechamp

    Fun Run July 25th at Chico 2014

    I'll fill in I guess
  9. diggerthechamp

    Where can I download the Monster Truck Lifter?

    This one maybe? http://www.rigsofrods.com/repository/view/2215
  10. diggerthechamp

    Kicking old school! Fun run 08/23/2014

    Magnus Birkelund originalnorwegia Rollin Thunder
  11. diggerthechamp

    Oldest league

    Nobody said RTR was dead. Even tho I don't really know yet But if not.. yeah it's RTR
  12. diggerthechamp

    Fun Run Friday July 11th Charlotte 2013

    I need to stop signing up for things and forgetting about it the next second...
  13. diggerthechamp

    Fun Run Friday July 11th Charlotte 2013

    iron outlaw
  14. diggerthechamp

    Fun Run: Wednesday, July 9th @ St. Louis (Independence Day)

    Iron Outlaw Have to race with keyboard due to my broken toe, but whatever
  15. diggerthechamp

    Post your Desktop Thread **56k Warning**