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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Still learning blender... I think this came out ok... Works on .37 and everything newer Credits: Stafford model: Edy Cars: RockCrwlr Tires/Logs/banners: maxdman Allstar banner: Me
  2. I modeled a Suzuki and did some changes to the Cali Kid chassis to make it fit. Let's see how this works out...
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My first blender track whoo! It's not perfect, but i'm happy with it... Credits: Calgary Stampede model: Edy Banners/8pack tires and logs: maxdman Works on .3 as well as .4/2020
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Old track i made that i actually quite like... Converted it to .4 because why not? *Old description* Just a simple arena, fun to drive on. Credits Cars/Van textures: Klayton Dirt: Klayton Purple dirt: Luke Banners: Aaron Crowd texture: Klayton? Tarp: Klayton/Daniel Modeling/Car's/Flames/Exporting: Me
  5. Trying some more stuff... Figured out that making a stadium is pretty hard so i gave up on Houston... 😛
  6. Version 1.0.0


    I just wanted a custom truck to run in leauges, so here is a repaint of rockgod's Hotwheels Credits: Original truck: rockgod88 Paint: Me EMW Logo: Luke
  7. Trying my hand in Blender again... Some of the textures are not quite right yet, but it's getting there
  8. Name: Magnus BirkelundDiscord: diggerthechamp#0242Truck: ThorTruck Link:
  9. Name: Magnus Birkelund Truck: Thor Discord: KakeMagnus#0242
  10. sup cant you try to do monster race i ed 2017??? i would love that thank you :)

    eller om du har varit på fler eventer typ som habo,kumla,hösäter, så kan du gör nån av dom i stället tackar :)

  11. They switched with Coty's chassis bacause green rims on the Mauler would look weird.
  12. Scania fan boys. Cyclists that bikes on the road insead of the sidewalk. Brony music Religion
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