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  1. Gonna bring back an old dead project of mine
  2. Only thing I would suggest as of right now regarding its still a major WIP. Maybe bake the body at 15-20 samples in blender. The tailgate looks a bit distorted. But other then that it looks amazing so far!!
  3. Steele

    Monster Magic

    Version 1.0.0


    You know the deal Body - Klayton Engine- Andrew,Fern Paint - Chris Rims - Fern
  4. Version 1.0.0


    OverBored with and without grill The Black Pearl Monster Truck Credits: Andrew - Body, Merlin, OverBored Paint, BKT's, Rockwell Hubs Fern - Merlin Radiator, Trans Coolers Kozak - Chassis Me - ISP, Holley EFI, SwayBars, Driveshafts, Klayton - Transmission Starr Creations - Black Pearl Wrap Johan - Rims Dawson Rayas, Jon Zimmer - Reference Shots Chadwick, Will - Testing Other Parts - Respective Owners
  5. Coming soon....... Probably not lolz
  6. Clout szn is apon boiz. Alpha Male Speed Shop comin at u wit sum chevyz only rednck boiz like us drive. Catch me on da highway gettin iPhone rollers and drinkin that PBR....
  7. I guess you can say I've been busy......................
  8. So this is a thing again. I blame Wambo for the web idea
  9. Great start. What I would suggest is maybe update the chassis with new props, and fix the spec maps just a little bit. Other then that looking great!!
  10. In the process. WIll be a while with school and work but give it some time and it'll be out soon
  11. Next project on the shelf...
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