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  1. SSRS 2015 Regular Season Sign-Ups

    Name: Ryan Griffin AIM: nextnewman13@yahoo.com Truck: Maniac Download Link (if applicable): V4 Truck Filename (optional): Rank: Rookie Reason: -Used be on this site a long time ago, but only used to play around on open ROR servers. Would like to give a league a try.
  2. Sim- Monsters V4

    I may not have been that active on here and well i've had my issues with ror and my computer (grrr). But, the fact remains this is one of the best sites and groups for ror.
  3. Race #4 - 7/29/11 - Nashville, TN

    Hey, I think I already know the answer to this, but do you have to hit the bus stack when your in the inside lane.
  4. ROR Silverdome

    Finally, someone making a model of not only my favorite track but my hometown track.
  5. Stafford Qualifying

    Well, I can't make a show i guess. Well, there is always Sunday.
  6. Stafford Qualifying

    i need two drivers not to make the meeting, lol.
  7. Daytona Jack Dagnals Sawwce 130

    If it is tonight, I'll come, or even it is next week.
  8. Race #3 Qualifying

    Well, that's another one I didn't make. Guess I will have to wait till next week to try and make a start.
  9. Race #3 - 7/3/11 - San Antonio, TX

    I'm going to give it a shot, more than likely won't make it, but going to try anyway.
  10. Daytona Qualifying

    Well, so much for making this event. Guess i'll have to wait till sunday.
  11. Race #1 - 7/1/11 - Daytona Beach, FL

    Hopefully, this will be my first event since the KOTH Arnhem event.
  12. Race #2 - Detroit, MI - Ford Field - 6/26/11

    Motor City, here I come.
  13. Custom Series Sign-ups

    Unfortunately, the truck that was made for me is in the other pack, so: Name: Ryan Griffin Truck: Blue Thunder AIM: nextnewman05
  14. Race #1 -6/19/11 - Minneapolis, MN - Metrodome

    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I couldn't see josh's message because Google Chrome kept telling me the site wasn't working when I tried to get on it to check. This has been happening ever since you guys redid the site (which by the way, awesome job, looks good ), but I can't use that as an excuse 'cause I was checking AIM. Oh, well, Bring On Detroit (my hometown track).
  15. Race #1 -6/19/11 - Minneapolis, MN - Metrodome

    Well, I assume it is being pushed back a week. Anyway, that is no problem here. I have no objections with it.