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  1. Bad Habit 2013

    According to the Bad Habit Facebook page, the truck will only be running the Ram front clip for one show anyway
  2. An Interesting Article about Past Monster Truck Sims

    Some guy that was around during RORMJ. All I remember is that I think he ran straight into a wall during racing during RORMJ's first season and everybody made fun of him for it, but that may have been someone else. (I'm not much better. I lost to Ash by a good few trucklengths, then proceeded to roll violently across the finish line. Good times.) The article was somewhat decent up until he started bashing the community. Not only is the pot calling the kettle black by complaining about all those problems that SM supposedly has, a lot of what he's saying isn't correct or is a nonissue nowadays. For example, I only remember people getting busted for cheating in RORMJ, and I haven't heard of it since. I also don't remember a single time where somebody got penalized unjustly by the "race officials." If you're going to criticize the community, at least get the facts straight first...
  3. World Finals XIV Discussion

    I'm annoyed that they tried to pass that off as a double backflip, but it was still sick. EDIT- Holy crap, I wasn't even paying attention to Kreg's truck the first time I watched that. That is just ridiculous air.
  4. World Finals XIV Discussion

    Madusa landed a backflip and only got a 16. I guess the judges aren't going to tack on a whole bunch of points for backflips this year. EDIT- Blue Thunder is the new leader with 30.
  5. World Finals XIV Discussion

    I just got here, I was surprised by the results, congrats to Adam! Also, Zombie just got a 23 to start off the freestyle. OT: Is anybody else having trouble logging on to Mayhem? I've been trying to log on because they usually have a couple guys that get the info out in the chat room faster than the live blog does, but it gives me an error every time I try to.
  6. Power Forward 2002

    Karl Malone FTW Awesome truck, man.
  7. Pocatello 2009 (CFP)

    This was an awesome show. Thanks for recreating it for ROR, man!
  8. new orleans superdome

    Oh wow, there's a flood of outdated smilies above me. I'm kinda glad that they aren't showing up, TBH. Great track, BTW.
  9. NBA

    Since they're my hometown team, the Jazz are my favorite team. They're probably going to be knocked out in the first round, but given the fact that our starting point guard has been out for a while now, I say that we're doing pretty good. I think that this year the Western Conference team in the Finals is going to be the Thunder. The Eastern Conference is a bit of a tossup between New York, Miami, Chicago, and maybe even Indiana at this point. I think that OKC is going to win it all this year regardless of who they face though.
  10. GTA V Delayed?!

    It sucks, but I'd rather wait and have Rockstar release the best product possible. It's better for them to do that than it would be to release an unfinished game and go through the "patch one issue, a new one pops up" crap like what happened with Twisted Metal on PS3.
  11. Minneapolis 2011

    Not broken. Just do the old "save target as..." trick if left clicks don't work
  12. If you we're a monster truck driver what truck would you drive?

    Tom's Max D or Son-Uva Digger. Both look unbelievably fun to drive
  13. RCD Stadium 2.0

    BTW, if anybody's wondering, it's NOT broken. This track is awesome!
  14. Mayhem In Christmas Village

    I hope you're just talking about how slippery the track is and not the quality, Roli. The track is awesome, the slippery-ness just makes it unique IMO
  15. Count Down to V4

    To everybody who worked on V4, thank you so much. The pack is awesome. The trucks look amazing, and the physics are unbelievably realistic and fun.