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Found 1 result

  1. Acespence3195

    About me and where do i begin?

    Hello fellow monster enthusiast! my names austin and like you im a huge monster truck fan and excited to get involved with Sim Monsters since monster jam and activision have no idea how to make a decent monster truck game. looking to make new friends since im a fresh college graduate from UNOH in lima OH and i need an outlet to kill time outside of work and paying the bills. so with that being said im very new to all of this i need some guidance. first off where do i start? i downloaded ROR but theres no maps or any form of vehicles other than a bus and an 18 wheeler. so links to everything to download to get a feel for the game would be outstanding. second im also part of a real life monster truck team out of quincy illinois. if youve been to any of the 4 wheel jamborees this year you might have seen our truck. Venom by Vengeance motorsports. if i could get some help to linking some of the pictures to get a request out that would be great and possibly a custom build tributed to my college . im also trying to help the team out using sim monsters to kind of get the word out about the truck being this is our first year out and we could really use some support from the fans! third is there any multiplayer so i can actually race against some people and not look like a grown man playing with monster trucks on the computer all by myself? its no different from me playing with the hotwheel trucks when i was a kid.. i didnt have many friends back then either lol ;p any more questions feel free to comment and please mature users only. I left playing xbox with 10 year olds for a reason. itd be nice to socialize with people who are closer to my age(21) if not older. thanks guys and hope to hear back from yall