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Found 2 results

  1. New Discord Server opened up not too long ago, it servers as an open fun run server, make your own fun run or join the main one. Friend me on Discord for an entry! Innavoig9000#3009 Some events will be streamed live! There is a google doc to fill out for entry, only about 4 slots left for the main tour. Events usually happen on Saturday nights, (this will probably change due to other events) Stay in touch for updates on dates.
  2. I had thought of this idea the other day and thought why not! You, yes you can go and submit to me a 2:30 freestyle run! you can use whatever map you wish! submit them using a youtube link or a mediafire link they must be in a .avi or .wmv format if you send them via mediafire otherwise I can't view them have fun with it, BUT do go unrealistic DON'T POST THEM HERE!!!!! please send them via PM please send a raw unedited video to me This will be a running series so there will be multiple top tens! BUT PLESE DON'T SPAM ME WITH 50 RUNS!! This will be updated constantly!!! Edit: I thought I would also add that at the end of the year there will be a OVERALL CHAMPION for this event!!
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