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Found 5 results

  1. BubbaBigMac

    What Happened To FunRuns

    What Happened to funruns?
  2. Fun run at Salinas 2015: Discord:https://discord.gg/h8beDvg 0.4-0.4.6 NOT 4.7 All trucks are OK as long as its not illegally tuned(tuned for general use trucks only) . Only one Grave Digger and only one Maximum Destruction. Any body style is OK. NEED A JUDGE Server Info Hostname: rigsofrods.org Port: 12001 I personally will be using a V4 truck(titan) but you dont have to. HOPE TO SEE SOME COMPETITORS!
  3. Jackattack29

    FUN RUN TODAY 2/18 Anaheim 2014 Show 2

    Feel like doing a fun run since nobody's done one in a while Track: Start times: Drivers Meeting - 6:30 pm estEvent Starts - 7:00 pm est Info: Discord server will be posted the day of event Rules will be provided in drivers meeting ROR Server will be provided in discord REPLICAS ONLY How to sign up: Name: Jack McCarthy Truck: Titan Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v2mu8a522wclr5c/Titan2016.zip Discord: Jackattack29 Lineup: Titan Driven By Jack McCarthy, El Toro Loco Driven By Josh Gajewski, Maximum Destruction Driven By Marty Hussey, Skyliner Driving Monster Energy, Mr. Destruction Driven By Rocco Piergrossi, Gas Monkey Garage Driven By Max Halpert, Rage Driven By Joey Burgy, Monster Mutt Driven By Abcman, Monster Patrol Driven By Matthew Tyrell, Team Hot Wheels Driven By Starks, Blue Thunder Driven By Awesome Kong, Superman Driven By John Dough, Daniel Simon Driving Bounty Hunter
  4. savageracer21

    ror.37 fun run rc and fs at arlington

    put ror .37 username and truck name and link NOTE EVERYBODY DOWNLOAD EACH OTHERS TRUCK AS WE WILL NOT BE USING AIM OR DISCORD OR TEAMSPEAK NOTE WE WILL BE USING AN ROR OPEN SERVER OR IF YOU GUYS HAVE A SERVER WE CAN USE YOUR SERVER WEWILL ALL JOIN THE SERVER AT 6:30 username for ror: monsterjamfan16 truck: grave digger 30 6 time champion 2016 (CHROME) truck link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dac4ygig2xw7iga/GD+30+2016.zip
  5. ChaoticMayhem

    Atlanta 2015

    I'm not sure if this is the right section but if anyone wants to race in a small unorganized race in the Atlanta 2015 map I'm foing it on the SPJESTER Monster Jam server right now. the host name is ror.alliedgaming.net and the port number is 12018. Message me or reply to this post if you'd like to race.