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Found 1 result

  1. AaronLurie

    Monsters of ROR Summer Series Information

    This mini series will have similar rules to many other events and leagues previously ran on Sim-Monsters. I'm going to go over the basic rules now so that we don't run into problems later during the events. First off, everyone is going to need this version of Rigs of Rods (Version 0.4.6). http://anotherfoxguy.com/RigsofRods/Rigs-of-Rods-0.4.6.exe If you already have a version of 0.4 (ex. 0.4.5), please instill this new version. It will update your game, but not remove any of your trucks or tracks. Next, in terms of communication, I would like everyone that doesn't have the older version of AIM to download AIM from here: https://www.aim.com/legacydownloads We may or may not use it for event chats, but it's helpful if I need to get a hold of you for something. We will most likely be using Discord for event chats, you can download that here: https://discordapp.com/download You will need to make an account to connect to servers. When it's time for the event, you will receive an invitation for the Discord server. In the event chat, you will receive server info to connect to the Rigs of Rods server. You will need to open your configurator and located the network tab at the top. The IP you receive goes in the server host name box and the port goes in the server port number box. Make sure you have the Enable Network Mode box checked in the top left before you try to join a server. General rules: When in the group chat, keep the language clean and don't post links to anything unless instructed by one of the staff members. The chat needs to be as uncluttered as possible people can see when they are called into game. When you are called into game, you will have 1 minute to spawn your truck. If you join game but crash out, you will have an extra minute to attempt to rejoin and spawn your truck. If you fail to join after those 2 minutes, the race will either be a bye run for your opponent, or in freestyle, you won't be allowed to freestyle. Please join game with your real name, or if you aren't comfortable with that, your sim-monsters username. The events are recorded and since the name tags are on, I don't want anything inappropriate or random as your name tag. You will be kicked from the server if you have an inappropriate name tag. Please make sure your truck and track work before you join game for your first race. There will be a 10 minute time period before the event where you can make sure the server works. Lane choice will be given to the first person lined up in that lane, so if you really want a certain lane, you better be prepared to rush ingame and get it. Any complaining pertaining to lane choice will get you kicked out of the server. When both racers are lined up, and official will say "Ready up". Do not ready up until an official says to. Freestyle will be 90 second runs, no bonus time. Please try to be somewhat realistic as RII's will be like they were in the 2016 Monster Jam season. Going off the track will result in an RII if you aren't under control. If you see RII in the chat, stop your truck immediately and wait for the officials to make a call. Any use of acceleration after an RII is called will result in the run being over. How the events will work: Sign ups for each event will open the Monday before the event at 8:00 PM EST. At that point, the field of trucks becomes a first come first serve basis. This mini series will not be a points series, instead, there will be winners each week and that's it, no points. The only people locked into events are the racing and freestyle winners from the previous week. The final event at Las Vegas is not a World Finals, the only people that will be locked into that one are all the winners from the previous events, the rest of the field will be sign ups. The qualifying order will be random, but lane choice will be the first person to get to the lane ingame. The freestyle order will be based off of your racing performance. More information will be coming soon, but this is all you need to know for now. Any questions, post below.