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Found 1 result

  1. Junk Yard Dog 2016

    Version v1


    Well, huge thanks goes out to Chris B. for big help on this. Started this over 3 months ago and after countless versions we are here . Turned out great, looks great and handles great also. Comes with a bodyless version because its so smexy. Credit card bills: Blaise-Making it, Cloning, NB edits (based on ferns), Waggy tail, Blender nonsense, .truck making, prop placing, stuff i can't think off. Chris B.- All the body paint, tail and tongue paint, rims paint, BKT paint, support (i guess lol) Blake-(keep forgetting, rip) Suspension setup Kozek-Chassis Harlow-Body and stuff Klayton-Tires, rims People of SM-other junk Standaloneeee Proof pics http://postimg.org/gallery/xm93r7d8/