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Found 19 results

  1. Bexez

    V4 CustomRetro 1.0

    View File Retro 1.0 *This is my custom remake of the (Grinder Trophy Truck V2.0) posted by worldfinals* Credits~ Paint (Body/Rims) - Bexez (me) Prop Placement, Button Box, Toggle Switch, Fuel Cell - worldfinals Body- DiRT 2/3 Extract Chassis N Stuff- Kozak Tires, Shocks, N Stuff- RockCrwlr Rims- Johan Everything else that I can't get~ *If there is a problem with this file please contact me and i will have it removed* ~Enjoy! Submitter Bexez Submitted 04/15/2018 Category V4 Customs  
  2. Anthony

    Slam Dunk 2018



    This truck was made last summer & here it is. Cloning: Me w/ help by @ABgamerX Paint: Me w/ help by @ABgamerX (He clone the shocks, chassis & rims BTW) Original Truck: Marvel by @ABgamerX
  3. Anthony

    Bucking Bronco

    [TRUCK] (Include in topic title) ex: [TRUCK] Bucking Bronco Name: Bucking Bronco Body: Custom 3D Ford F-150 Chassis: IDK Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details: The owner of the truck is Kevin Lubsen [sKIN] (Include in topic title) ex: [SKIN] Bucking Bronco Name: Bucking Bronco Body: Custom 3D Ford F-150 Chassis: IDK Paint (images of color/graphics):
  4. Version 1.0.0


    HO HO HO... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! 0.3/0.4 COMPATIBLE! I would like to give a special thanks to: T.Ray, SUD, Sweg, Blaise, Micah, Marty, and Sonar118 for helping me to test and fix the track! Credits: Stadium: Edy Props: RockCrwlr, MaxDMan, Etc, Testing: T.Ray, SUD, Sweg, Blaise, Micah, Marty, and Sonar118 Everything Else: ME I forgot you? Sorry man let me know in the comments! Have a merry Christmas everybody!
  5. Sterling_Mustang

    Grave Digger & All It's Reiterations?

    So, I noticed the new files uploaded, titled Grave Digger 7, 12, and 14. Downloaded em, love em. But that got me thinking. There are, what, over 30 GD trucks? But, even though I'm a die-hard Digger fanboy, I don't know the difference between any of them. Can someone help me out and explain the differences between all of them? I'm sure there are others out there having the same issue... hopefully it's not just me!
  6. erhminer

    Calgary Tuff Trax

    Version 1.0.0


    !ITS 0.4 COMPATIBLE ALL OF MY TRACKS ARE! Hope that everybody enjoys this track it was a blast to make and do some videos on! Silverdome is next! Credits- Stadium Model/Textures -Edy Crush Cars/Props -RockCrwlr/MaxDMan Other -Me, djpgamer7, etc If I forgot anyone please let me know! There is a meme on the track. Take no offense.
  7. erhminer

    (tracks) Calgary Tuff Trax

    View File Calgary Tuff Trax Hope that everybody enjoys this track it was a blast to make and do some videos on! Silverdome is next! Credits- Stadium Model/Textures -Edy Crush Cars/Props -RockCrwlr/MaxDMan Other -Me, djpgamer7, etc If I forgot anyone please let me know! There is a meme on the track. Take no offense. Submitter erhminer Submitted 10/26/2017 Category Tracks  
  8. Anthony

    Inanimate Insanity Monster Truck

    I made this truck based on the YouTube series called "Inanimate Insanity" , it's Hooked repainted. Inanimate Insanity Monster Truck
  9. Anthony


    Nor'easter It's a repaint of Mad Scientist & it's based on 1978 New England blizzard.
  10. Durham


    Version 1.0.0


    The real name of the truck is called Krazy 8 but its KR8ZY for short. This truck is based off of a Mafia with a slick black design on a Chevy SS Super Sport. This truck was originally made off of Voth's Twisted, credits to him. You don't need permission to use this in leagues. Hope you enjoy the truck and Merry Christmas! Credits Body: Google Logo: Alex Wheeler Paint: Me Truck Edits (rims, shocks, texturing): Garret Hanson Tires: Klayton Halog Rims: Johan Seminario Prop Placement/Texturing/Exporting etc: Voth
  11. vegasfest

    monster truck patches

    these are two trucks i patched, and yes they will be uploaded.
  12. Sergeant Politeness

    The 2016 Monster Awards

    With 2016 coming to an end I thought it'd be nice to look back at the events and moments that defined this year. Feel free to add any categories (so long as it doesn't lead to the thread heading to hell). New Team of the Year- Team Venom New Truck of the Year- Gas Monkey Garage New Scheme of the Year- Hurricane Force Rookie of the Year- Cole Venard Best New Venue of the Year- US Bank Stadium- Minneapolis, Minnesota Best Save of the Year- Alex Blackwell at San Antonio Big Air of the Year Award- Tom Meents in Nashville Race of the Year- Scott Liddycoat v. Tyler Menninga at Las Vegas Breakthrough Year Award- Candice Jolly Driver to Watch in 2017 Award- Ryan Disharoon Freestyle of the Year Award- Ryan Anderson in Atlanta (I know I'm biased) Crash Madness Award- Red Solo Truck and Snake Bite in Wildwood
  13. Mark Galloway

    2014/2015 Shocker

    Name:Shocker Body: 2006 Chevy Silverado Chassis: Pat Gerber Chassis Paint (images of color/graphics):
  14. View File Monster Truck Bodies Pack (.blend files) 15 of the most popular monster truck body styles. All in one collection with blend files completely at your disposal. Made to assist young content creators with making their favorite trucks, including myself. PM me for requests on bodies you want me to add in the next version. Bodies included: Avenger: run on Avenger (2002-present) Chevy S-10: run on Avenger (1999-2001), American Guardian, Airborne Ranger, Wrenchead.com, Destroyer (late '90s?-2008?), etc. Chevy Silverado: run on The Felon, Team Suzuki, etc. Custom Bull: run on Bulldozer, El Toro Loco Custom Cat: run on Predator (1992-present), Prowler, Pouncer Custom Dog: run Brutus, Spike Unleashed, Mega-Bite Custom Mutt ('50 Mercury Version): run on Monster Mutt, Dalmatian, Rottweiler, Junkyard Dog (all run in different times between 2003-2014) Dodge RAM: run on Raminator, Rammunition, Eradicator, etc. Escalade: run on Escalade, Afterburner, Monster Energy, Lucas Oil Crusader, Mohawk Warrior Firestorm: run on Team Hot Wheels Firestorm (2012-present) Ford Expedition: run on Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, Iron Outlaw, etc. Ford F-250: run on Blue Thunder (2001-2010?), Hot Wheels (2002-2008), Bob and Tom, etc. (too many to even begin listing) Grave Digger: run on Grave Digger Max-D: run on Goldberg, Team Meents, Max-D (2003-2012) Willys: run on Blacksmith, Captain's Curse, Lil' Miss Dangerous/High Maintenance, etc. (not sure, but those are the main ones off the top of my head) Bodies were from: Avenger 2015 by fernBern American Guardian by V4 pack makers Team Suzuki by V4 pack makers Bulldozer by V4 pack makers Predator by V4 pack makers Monster Mutt by V4 pack makers Raminator by V4 pack makers Escalade by Edy Beltran Hot Wheels by V4 pack makers Bounty Hunter by V4 pack makers Hot Wheels by Edy Beltran Grave Digger 30th Anniversary by Chris Hamilton Maximum Destruction 2003 by rockgod88 Blacksmith 2002 by IceCreamRulz Credits (we all love your contributions to this community!!!): V4 pack makers Chris Hamilton (worldfinals) Edy Beltran (Edy) rockgod88 fernBern IceCreamRulz Various other people I may have missed, sorry! I'm exhausted! Me (conversions only) Big thanks to all that download! This actually took longer than one might think, considering all of the research done, sifting through the V4 packs and such to find bodies to include. PM with issues you have with the pack, even though it's a simple zip with blend files in it, so problems should be to a very minimum. I hope this pack is to all of your enjoyment. If you are in the credits or a moderator and you have a problem with this pack, private message me and I will take it down (to fix or permanently remove). Submitter Aeris Syrius Submitted 07/13/2016 Category Truck Building Items
  15. Hello! just had my account accepted, been playing .37 for a few months now, iv spent so much time trying to figure this game out. Can anyone please tell me how to properly install custom trucks and replica trucks? the v4 pack works just fine, its when I try adding other trucks. everytime I click on the new added truck, my pc makes a noise and the screen just goes black. then I shut it off, turn it on, and avoid that truck. do I have to put some trucks on v4 pack and some just download to packs in general? i figured out i can clear cache and use most the custom/replica/breakable trucks, but when i do that, v4 pack disappears, and i get no engine sound on the trucks. im prolly just not doing it right! help me out please and thank you! look forward to playing leagues with yall.
  16. Connor Richardson

    V4 ReplicaThunder 4x4

    View File Thunder 4x4 Quite frankly I had no idea I still had this and I have no idea who made the parts of this truck. I also have no idea if it is accurate or not, but here is Jim Bendzick's Thunder 4x4! Credit to the respective owners of each truck component. Submitter Connor Richardson Submitted 01/04/2016 Category V4 Replica
  17. Garrett Hanson

    Ranger Patrol

    Name: Ranger Patrol body:1993 Ford Ranger custom or replica: custom body color:http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=1993+purple+ford+ranger&view=detailv2&&id=8A7CD5A414CC35EF35F9503E4FF9990FB621122D&selectedIndex=2&ccid=418oiJIX&simid=607988321377846318&thid=OIP.Me35f28889217b07cd73a4c4c2360313ao0&ajaxhist=0 2005 Blue Thunder Black chassis Rims/tires: Grave digger 30 rims, BKT tires Monster patrol police lights 2-speed tranny MAX-D engine (front engine truck) the flag:http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ford+flags&view=detailv2&&id=4B5A99B3FAD6D5928C9BE3887C1960498BECF5EC&selectedIndex=87&ccid=pO%2fmGTsk&simid=608054158933823057&thid=OIP.Ma4efe6193b245db94549392532ab5d74o0&ajaxhist=0 would be awesome to see this truck made for this game.
  18. Garrett Hanson


    Name: Savage 25 Body: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=savage+25+monster+truck&view=detailv2&&id=6E5423290067DF99AC54AC5EFD0267FB5BF829DE&selectedIndex=5&ccid=GC%2f3Ezb3&simid=608024102732432486&thid=OIP.M182ff71336f778070d6ef36bc9fb65d4o0&ajaxhist=0 Truck chassis: 2005 blue thunder chassis replica or custom: replica Wheels and tires: BKT tires and wheels are replica's engine: rear engine truck sounds: can use normal monster truck sounds or the sounds from the actual truck itself. engine can be included http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=savage+25+monster+truck+engine&view=detailv2&&id=7ED2894EF62D2BF30B646135C14249E5E012253E&selectedIndex=38&ccid=EDOHU5af&simid=607999002945454770&thid=OIP.M10338753969fd5aed3601a0e1c5366b1o0&ajaxhist=0 2-speed tranny (1 version with 3-speed tranny) there can be a normal version and a breakable version