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Found 1 result

  1. CMDeerfoot

    So, WTF happened with RoR MT Pro?

    Well damn, seems like this place has been collecting a fair bit of dust and cobwebs for a while now. But to quote one of my all time favorite country songs (written and performed by David Lee Murphy); "there might be a little dust on the bottle, but don't let it fool ya about what's inside". So join me as we delve into what exactly has been going on and what we have planned for the future. The postponement of GMTRS. Reason number one is the fact that I was offered (and gladly accepted) the position of event director over in SMRA for the east tour, and seeing as how said organization has become the premier league on Sim Monsters I wanted to give it my undivided attention. Now I thought I would be able to run season 1 of GMTRS after SMRA wrapped up, but the start of the season was delayed due to real life circumstances so those plans went by the wayside. Reason number two was that my plans for GMTRS, a league concept unlike anything anyone has ever seen on this site, was far from being in a position to be run properly. Said plans for that league are very robust, including having all brand new tracks with never seen before layouts set in real life venues from around the world that have actually held monster truck competitions irl; and I will not settle for anything less. Now I know a lot of you are really looking forward to GMTRS and I promise you it will happen, but you gotta let me insure that everything I have planned will be in place before I light the fuse on that bottle rocket. The status of the Monster Truck Challenge. Ah yes, the series that made MTP famous around these parts. It's been a long while since season 2 wrapped up and I know many people have been wondering when and if this will come back. Well worry not folks, it is coming back for season 3 but with a slight change. As you may have noticed Trenton ray has started up his own retro based league called RoR MTC, with the MTC standing for Monster Truck Challenge. Now your probably sitting going wait, hold up; did that sonamagun take old Mr. Beardman's series name?! Yes, but not intentionally by any means. I busted his acorns about it for a bit but gave him my blessing to continue on using the name, as I know he's a huge old school fan like your's truly and will do his best to put on a fun league for everyone. I mean you'll be running both modern trucks as well as leafers, sounds like a good time to me; but that does lead me back to the original MTC and my plans for it. To be blunt the only thing that's gonna change is the name, and from here on it will be known as the Monster Truck Racing Championships or MTRC for short. Beyond that everything will be the same, including running 2 separate racing brackets; one for straight line, and one for turning courses. I'm aiming for a late summer to early fall start time for this shindig and I honestly can't wait to bring Sim Monster's only all racing league back in 2018! The Sim Monsters X-Games. This was something that started out as a quandary of sorts while watching it's irl namesake, because I've always wondered why no one at the parent company has ever even entertained the thought of bringing the monsters into the fold for the event. Then that got me to thinking, what would the events look and be like if they actually did bring them in? One thing led to another and I started planning out the Sim Monsters X-Games, and when I initially posted about it the response I got was tremendous and I knew it had to happen; but real life got in the way yet again (pesky sucker that outside world is I tell ya). But rest assured that the SM X-Games WILL happen, it's too good of an idea to let drift off into the ether. With that in mind, I'd also like to go over a few other things you'll be seeing from us here at RoR MT Pro in the very near future. Racing through the slime for the fastest time. Over the years there have been many different forms of motorsports that have been brought in as filler entertainment for monster truck shows, which is ironic seeing as how monster trucks were used as the very same thing for many years until the idea of side by side monster truck racing changed the game forever. One of the most popular forms of these side acts was the various forms of mud racing, from the NMRO's infamous Class 5 and 6 rail cars, to the MRA's Outlaw Pro Stock class, to the MTS's Mega Truck class; they've all taken part in various monster truck events and have proven to be crowd pleasers. So that got me to thinking (which can be a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask), why haven't we made these bad boys for RoR yet? And what comes after making these vehicles? Well, racing them of course! So here and now I'm announcing the formation of a new mud racing league known as Sim Mudders, featuring the 3 aforementioned racing classes competing as they would irl. Now I'll post more about everything later (especially after I get the league page made for it lol) but the one thing I can tell you for sure is that you'll be able to run a vehicle in each class. My team and I are hard at work developing these vehicles to ensure that they'll be 100% ready for everyone to rip up the virtual mud parks, so get ready because Sim Monsters is about to get down and dirty! Motocross + Rallycross + Monster Trucks = Monstercross! Now for those who may not know, monstercross isn't actually a new thing around these parts. Me and a few other members of this site have been doing monstercross races for awhile now and most of the courses were rather wild, but they were a helluva lot of fun. These races truly test just how good of a driver you are as they are not easy by any stretch, but most folks who've tried have had a blast so once again I got to thinking (seeing a pattern here?). What if we actually brought this to the masses and did a Monstercross league of sorts? Well that's exactly what we'll do with the brand new series known as the Monster Cross Grand Prix, or MCGP for short. Now tbh this deal is in a similar state as GMTRS as there's a lot of work needed to be completed before we can drop the gate on it, but when we do it should be one of the most unique experiences around on SM. And last, but certainly not least..... The King shall return to his throne, or should I say hill..... Now I know that tag line basically gave it away, but for those that don't get it your's truly will be bringing back the legendary series known as King Of The Hill. It's been quite a while since there's been a KOTH event on this site, and I plan to rectify that in short order. Now in the past KOTH events were brought to you by one of the og's of virtual monster truck racing, the one and only Josh "Dig" Rhodes. He took great pride in running these events and they became a staple of this site for the first couple of years of it's existence, but real life got in the way yet again (dang you to heck and back adult responsibilities) and they fell by the way side in September of 2012. But as the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder and it sure did for the folks here on SM as quite a few asked when and if KOTH would ever come back. Those folks got their wish in 2014 when Dig (with the help of Mark Colineri) revived KOTH and proceeded to run events semi regularly through June of 2016. But it's now been over a year and half and the KOTH forum has fallen silent once again, but it won't be in slumber for much longer. I talked to Dig and asked him if I could host some KOTH events and he gave me the go ahead, so expect to see it return asap. Um, I think that's everything I wanted to go over..........if by chance I forgot about something then it probably wasn't that big of a deal anyway. Yes this seems like an awful lot for one person to undertake, but I do have help from some very good friends who will ensure that these various events and league reach their fullest potential; and I have no doubts that these events will leave a lasting impression. Get ready folks, because we're coming back with a vengeance! Innovation. Revolution. Evolution. #RaisingTheBar