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Found 1 result

  1. AaronLurie

    Monsters of ROR Returns This July

    Monsters of ROR returns for a short 4 week mini series this July into August. The reason it's a mini series is because I don't know how well this is going to go, I don't know who is going to help run the events and I don't want it taking the entire summer. This tour will be ran on ROR 0.4.6, however, nothing is going to change from how things were ran in 0.37. The tour will consist of 4 custom tracks: Atlanta, Tampa, Syracuse and Vegas. All of which already have people assigned to making them. Racing styles will vary from week to week and freestyle should be something fairly different to what is normally seen on Monster Jam. As for trucks, we will be using: Replica trucks only that ran at least 2 real world competitions with any promoter between 2015 and now. Other than that, the only restrictions are only 1 Grave Digger and 1 Max D, any Grave Digger or Max D is fine as long as they aren't world finals schemes (ex. You can run Morgan Kane's Digger but you can't run the orange one). The only exception I'll make is that you can run the black, orange or yellow El Toro Loco. As for changes to the trucks for the update version: To make things simpler, we will be running the same settings that were used for every other league ran on 0.37. Basically, if you didn't change any settings for SMRA, the truck is probably fine. You can run a different node beam or shock settings, but keep it realistic. If a truck is up for download as a 0.37 truck, it will most likely work in 0.4. Any questions regarding that, message me on AIM at MJFanatic3. Now, for all of you complaining that we are using 0.4.6, there is no reason not to use it. There is going to be a lot less crashing out of game, so the events can go a lot faster. Also, you don't need to make any changes to your truck, so it's pretty easy to get going. There is also a noticeable FPS increase, so many of you will be better off with your computers on the new version. As for how you get into an event, we haven't worked that out yet. It is highly unlikely that it will be qualifying in, we want to figure out a sign up system that is fair for everyone. I also plan on recording every event and make some highlight videos for each show. The tentative schedule looks like this: Events will be Friday nights at either 6 or 7 PM EST. Atlanta: July 15th Tampa: July 22nd Arlington: July 29th Vegas: August 5th Sign ups will open Saturday, July 2nd at 2:00 PM EST. Any questions or suggestions, post below.