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Found 1 result

  1. Edy

    Serious talk

    Hi everybody, i'm Edy. Today, as we speak, i've been involved in a nuclear war beetwen Hawaii (The country) and Alaska (The State) SADLY, my cardboard home (A refrigerator box [Samgung]) has been kind of destroyed by a water bottle, me and my cardboard dog are struggling to have some food on our mouths, and sadly i live in Ohio, Detroit. This means, a big change for this community and me. I'm running United States presidency (#BurritosForHarambe), and since my only monetary source (My friend Pepe the dealer) has been killed in miltary stike that we many call "The Death Harambe". Sadly, this means, i'll start charging for you to download my tracks and trucks (I don't want to make tracks anymore) So here's a price list for you to see: -World Finals 17 - 1,000,000$ -PPRL Shell Shotout - 500,000$ -El Diablo - 7,000,000$ (Half of the of El Diablo will be given to Andrew Sheets to fund his new EP "Please give me upvotes for mah bodies EP" -MTM2 track will valued on 10,000,000$ (Half of winning of these will be donated to the charity "Kids that love Edy Beltran because he is Mexican, it's now) -Props & stuff - 5$ bucks each -Official photo taken by Kozak, singed by Kozak - 50 cents -Photo taken by Kozak, signed be me - 300$ -Edy's family recipe to mexican food - 1,000,000 Thanks for reading, as we speak, i'm on the phone with my good friend Donald Trump, and my good other friend, Osama Bin Laden, and best best friend, who i always loved, Harambe the gorilla. I love you. (Kozak, Mark, whoever, if you delete this, i'll start a nuclear war, between Detroit, and Sydney, Astralia.) 20 UPVOTES AND I'LL RELASE MY NEXT SUPER POST