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Found 14 results

  1. stimson122

    Jetix & Disney XD

    Version 1.0.0


    Jetix & Disney XD! 0.4 These were trucks that ran on the Monster Jam European Tours a few years back. I take NO credit for the build of the original truck, all credit for that goes to rockgod88. Cloning - Me Body - monsterjam16' Jetix Paint - Me Disney XD Paint - V4 Paint, small modifications by me Enjoy!
  2. stimson122

    Pastrana 199 & Nitro Circus

    Version 1.1.0


    Pastrana 199 & Nitro Circus! 0.4 Original truck - rockgod88 Body - monsterjam16' Painting & Cloning - Me Enjoy!
  3. Hello guys! i just joined today, and downloaded Blender along with my game. After watching some videos, and playing rigs of rods on my friend's computer, i want to build trucks. can any of you share knowledge? Thanks, and i'm excited to see you on the track!
  4. Hornetguy97

    .38 Controls and trucks and camera

    Hi Yall, i recently moved up to .38 for breakables and i like it more than .37. Here are my issues my g27 works just fine, i just imported my .37 inout file into the input file of .38 it works except for the save load positions which were mapped to my paddles, any ideas? also the only truck i can get to work is 2016 meents breakable. It is the only truck that shows up without a picture in the menu. THE camera doesnt move when parts break off, i thought it was supposed to. The rest either load without bodys, tires, or both, or just crash the game. Also does the rpms change? I used marks engine files for .37 and they revved extremly high for .38. I took out the torqu curves and changed 950 to 2500 but 2500 acts like 3500? Ideas? Thank you guys for the help, this may have been asked before and i searched through the forums, but i couldnt find my exact issue
  5. Bobamatic

    4X4 EVO 2

    Just discovered the latest patch that was released last summer (patch 13) and got it installed but can't figure out how to get the MTM2 trucks to show up in the game. The Monster Truck Madness section shows up in the game but there's no vehicles in it. I believe the ones that came with Monster Truck Madness 2 when it was released are pre installed but I can't get them to show up and don't know how to add trucks to the game so I can't try any others. Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to surprise my nephews with it for Christmas Because their huge MTM2 fans. I just put Windows 7 on their laptops and am in the process of loading them up with some games.
  6. monsterjam16'

    Help w/ Importing Meshes into Blender

    So recently, i've been making a chassis and I need some help with importing already made meshes into blender. (Ex. BlazeDriveshaft.mesh.xml). I have installed the importer than can be found on this website and installed python and whatnot. When i go to file-import-OGRE meshes-(select a mesh) then hit open, I get an error saying this: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program C:/Use... R6034 An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Once I hit OK it tells me too check "console" The last few lines are: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/Brent/Documents/blender-2.49b-win64-python26/.blender/scripts/ogre_import_new.py", line 445, in fileselection_callback File "C:/Python26/Lib/xml/sax/__init__.py", line 93, in make_parser raise SAXReaderNotAvailable("No parsers found", None) xml.sax._exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable: No parsers found Please help! thanks
  7. Track: MROR Tampa by Danny Mackey Racing Style: Custom (Track X Soon) Link: TBA Field Size: 12 Trucks Locked In: Seth Holloway and Zach Nicholas Date: Friday, July 22nd Times: Join the Discord server at 6:30 PM EST. Everyone must be in the Discord by 6:45 PM EST. Racing will start at 7:00 PM EST Discord: https://discord.gg/tnU2UeK Extra Information: Sign ups will open at 10:00 PM EST on Wednesday, July 20th. The first 10 people to sign up are locked into the event, everyone after that will be a fill in for anyone not here the day of the event. More information on the season can be found here: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/topic/10062-monsters-of-ror-summer-series-information/ If you haven't signed up yet, you can sign up here: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/topic/10057-monsters-of-ror-sign-ups-open-now/ Any questions, message me on AIM at MJFanatic3. Sign up form: Name: Truck: AIM: Field of Trucks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y38o7votfpbTS4lYvdg1TKExMkB5NA1CaYFq5ef2wwc/edit#gid=1797055250
  8. Hello! just had my account accepted, been playing .37 for a few months now, iv spent so much time trying to figure this game out. Can anyone please tell me how to properly install custom trucks and replica trucks? the v4 pack works just fine, its when I try adding other trucks. everytime I click on the new added truck, my pc makes a noise and the screen just goes black. then I shut it off, turn it on, and avoid that truck. do I have to put some trucks on v4 pack and some just download to packs in general? i figured out i can clear cache and use most the custom/replica/breakable trucks, but when i do that, v4 pack disappears, and i get no engine sound on the trucks. im prolly just not doing it right! help me out please and thank you! look forward to playing leagues with yall.
  9. TraxxasMaster123

    Glow and Darkness on Trucks in 0.4.5

    Hi, I've just downloaded the new RoR version 0.4.5, but I seem to be getting some sort of "lighting" glitch. I'm not sure, but this has never happened to me in 0.37 or 0.38. I've looked around on the forum to try and find an answer but I haven't seen anyone post about this yet. It seems to only happen on a few trucks, not all.
  10. I don't see tires on some of the trucks in the V4 pack. I also can't load certain trucks downloaded. Also a tad bit confused. Do I put add on trucks and stuff into V4? Or do I just take the trucks and set them into Vehicles?
  11. Hornetguy97

    .38 help

    I uninstalled .37 because i want breakables, but i cant get .38 to run properly. I downloaded the .38 pack and put the zip in the packs folder, then put ashs breakables in that zip. His trucks arent showing up and it freezes when i click on one.
  12. Cutlass206

    Mini Monster Trucks

    I was wondering if there is a mini monster truck pack. And if not then I want to know if someone can make one. (not V4 Replica) My Ideas for trucks include: Alpha Dog, Beta, Omega and Rockstar JR. from Wolfpack Motersports along with Monster Bear and the Kid KJ Team.
  13. Tylershane

    Im new and need some help...

    Ok. I have the new 0.38 version. Ive downloaded some trucks and tracks from this site. I went to my documents/rigs of rods 0.38/terrain and put the track .rar files in there. they work fine. Then i went to my documents/rigs of rods 0.38/vehicles and put the truck .rar files there. i start the game, get in the map just fine, but when i click on a truck in the selection menu, this little error screen pops up and closes the game. I want to fix this, but dont know how. Also, i want to play online, but when i start the ROR server thing up, the command prompt pops up and says "WARN: no ip has been specified. Attempting to detect..." then it just closes. Please help this poor little noob.
  14. Hello there S-M members. I am decent at editing photos, and I'd like to share my skill with all of yall. I do edits on action screenshots, (mostly monster trucks), and I will edit shots for you if you have any action shots you want to have edited. I don't ask anything in return. Here's some of my guidelines/requirements: **No shots of characters standing beside a truck. **Action shots ONLY! I'll insert whatever you ask for, **(remember keep it appropriate for all ages!) If you don't like the edit, I'll re-do it until it's exactly how you want it. I mostly do monster truck shots, but if you want something else I can make it happen. Credits for the edit much appreciated! So those are pretty much my basic guidelines. * - must follow. Anything unstarred is an optional choice made by you. If you want to see any of my edits from the past, look on my profile. They should be there. Also, if you do want an edit, messaging me is a better way because I don't like having requests in the forums simply because they're too hard to get everyones if there are alot of replies. -blooberman