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Tire Changing/Cloning

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Well, someone probably asked a question about this and it's probably time to make this tutorial. This is a tutorial on how to work with tires on trucks. It will cover: How to change stock tires to different ones.

(Updated Version)

1) Find the .png, .mesh, and .material files for the tire you are CHANGING.

2) Copy paste them into the location where your OgreXMLConverter is.

3) Find the name of the tire files in the folder of the truck on which the tires will be changed.

4) Copy the tires that you are changing to and paste in the folder, they will be named as copies.

5) Delete original tire files that you are changing to.

6) Rename the tires you are changing to to the name of the tire files in the desired truck's folder.

7) Run the .MESH file through the XML Converter.

8) Delete the original .mesh and then open the mesh .XML in notepad.

9) Find the line above the large list of numbers by scrolling down a ways, it should be calling for the tire that it used to be.

10) Replace that line with the name of the desired truck's tire name.

11) Save that back to your desktop and rerun it through the XML Converter.

12) Delete the mesh .xml file and then open the .material file in notepad.

13) Find all the lines where it calls for the old tire and replace the NAME ONLY, not the part where it says (.png) with the name of the new tire.

14) Save the .material file back to desktop and then move the .mesh, .material, and .png into the desired truck's folder.

15) Click yes when it asks if you want to replace.

16) Regenerate your RoR Cache and voila! You should be good to go! 



New video that hopefully explains this concept in a better way. Enjoy!

Sorry for horrible audio btw...

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Updated with Video!

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Thanks for the appreciation! Be on the lookout for an upcoming tutorial on how to Paint and another on how to raise and lower suspension/shocks!

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20 minutes ago, Mr. Self Destruct said:

This is probably the easiest way you'll find. It's pretty simple.

Ok I Failed Once I Will Not Allow It Again

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