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(tracks) PPRL Shell Shotout 2007

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PPRL Shell Shotout 2007

Here it is! The remake of the old and classic PPRL Shell Shotout, one of the first tracks from MTM2 i attempted to make back in 2012 and now finally got time and revamaped it!

This track was originally made by the legendary @DaveTheSmasher, one of the most amazing and creative MTM2 creators, i'm so glad to bring this track back from MTM2 in a new revamaped version for Rigs Of Rods.

Link to the original track: http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Tracks/details.php?thistrack=4675

This a just racing track! It features a drag race style or a time course

This is how the time course is ran:


Original promo shot of the track:





@Mark Colineri


@Hot Shoe

Note: This track is 0.37 & 0.4 friendly!

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